Muriqi Hoping Win Over Sheika Gets Him To Tarver.

By Darren Nichols


Muriqi Hoping Win Over Sheika Gets Him To Tarver.

"Woods was like a zombie coming at Tarver"

BoxingTalk:  Elvir, what did you think about the light heavyweight match-up from this past weekend?

Elvir Muriqi:  I really thought that they were good fights.  Glen Johnson and Chad Dawson was a really good fight, and I thought Johnson won 115-113.  If he kept up the pressure with the jab I thought he was going to get a stoppage.  I thought Glen got robbed.  Tarver won almost every round.  He looked like he was worn out after a few rounds, but he won the fight easy.

BoxingTalk:  Give the fact that he was defending his title, did you expect a better performance from Clinton Woods?

Elvir Muriqi: No, because I spoke with Lou Del Valle how has sparred with Clinton Woods and he told me that Woods couldn’t shine my shoes, and that Tarver was going to beat Woods easy.

BoxingTalk:  Did you hear Al Bernstein’s comments about how you gave a better performance when facing Tarver than Woods did?

Elvir Muriqi:  I honestly think I won the fight with Tarver and if I was to fight him again I would stop him.  I would out hustle him, but after it was all said and done, he got the victory.

BoxingTalk:  How do you feel Tarver looked compared to when you fought him?

Elvir Muriqi:  Tarver looked like the same fighter but Woods gave him the fight.  Woods didn’t move his head.  Woods was like a zombie coming at Tarver.  He got inside a couple times, but he just came to the door, he never went through it.  Tarver was worn out, he was tired, but Woods wasn’t taking advantage of that.

BoxingTalk:  When can we expect to see you in the ring next?

Elvir Muriqi:  May 9th against Omar Sheika as the main event of ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights.

BoxingTalk:  What do you feel a victory against Omar Sheika will do for your career?

Elvir Muriqi:  Omar Sheika is a big name.  He’s fought everybody and sometimes you have to go through these types of guys to show that you’re at the top of your game.  His time has come, it has passed, and now it’s my time.  It’s going to be a great fight.  It should be explosive, but I’m too fast for him.

BoxingTalk:  Out of everyone who fought this past weekend, who would you like to face next after Sheika?

Elvir Muriqi:  We all want the winners.  I would love to face Tarver because he gave a better performance than Chad Dawson did.  I want Tarver because he’s the man I lost a majority decision to.  When Tarver lost to Roy Jones by majority decision he got a rematch, now I want that rematch.  I’d fight any light heavyweight wiling to step up to the plate.  Just give me a call.

BoxingTalk:  Any closing thoughts?

Elvir Muriqi:  I’m training hard and ready to give everybody a good fight, and give them their money’s worth.  Just tune in.


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