Mosquera defeats 3K Battery!

Becomes Panama's second new champ in two days


Mosquera defeats 3K Battery!

By Scott Shaffer

Vicente Mosquera upset Yodsanan 3K Battery by scores of 116-111, 115-112 and 118-108 to capture the WBA junior lightweight title in Madison Square Garden on Saturday.   Following a tremendous bout, Mosquera burst into tears as the decision was announced in his favor. He is now the 23rd world champion in Panama's history and the second in 24 hours, following in the footsteps of Roberto Vasquez, who won a title at 108 pounds last night.

Mosquera was a pleasant surprise to Garden boxing fans. A virtual unknown, he showed he was worthy of the #1 rating the WBA afforded him. Mosquera scored a first-round knockdown when he landed a right hand while the champion was off balance. The heavily muscled 3K Battery was not hurt and won the second round. Both men were down in a wild third round.  First 3K Battery floored Mosquera, and the Panamanian appeared hurt, but he began throwing aggressively in very short order and put 3K Battery down. The pace of the bout slowed down in the middle rounds but both men continued to land solid punches. 3K Battery was decked by an uppercut in the eleventh. Despite taking temendous punishment, 3K Battery continued to come forward and press the action and even appeared to have won the last round. At the final bell, referee Arthur Mercante, Jr. hit the canvas. As he leapt in to make sure no late punches landed, Mercante pulled a calf muscle. Mercante was limping later, but the veteran referee said he will be OK.