Mosley speaks on possibly fighting Trinidad, future plans and more!

By G. Leon


Mosley speaks on possibly fighting Trinidad, future plans and more!

GL: After talking about how much you were looking forward to moving back down to welterweight and campaigning at 147, what makes you decide to call Felix Trinidad out for a fight at 157? "Well, with Trinidad he's a legendary fighter and it's the kind of fight that I think people would like to see happen. If that fight doesn't happen, welterweight is where I'll be. But I guess I kind of define the pound for pound thing because I'm willing to move to any weight to fight guys. I think Trinidad would be a great fight that the fans would want to see, if we can't make it, we'll move on to the next guy."

GL: Do you think Trinidad will want to come out of retirement to make a fight with you?

Shane Mosley: "If he can make 157 he might do that. It's all up to Trinidad  to see what he wants to do."

GL: What do you think about the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight getting signed?

SM: "It's going to be a very exciting fight. Both guys are fast but De La Hoya is a lot bigger. I think that De La Hoya will have the advantage in that match-up."

GL: Do you fight to fight Trinidad to have been in there with all of the big name Latinos of your era?

SM: "Trinidad is someone who is very respected in the fight game, I just think that with two warriors like me and Trinidad out there we would give the fans what they want to see."

GL: I got a call from Cory Spinks after we posted the paragraph about you calling Tito out. Spinks feels that you're ducking him because after you beat Vargas you began talking about going back down to welterweight and now you're talking about fighting Tito at 157.

SM: "I'd have to get ready for a track meet with Spinks. With Trinidad he would be there to fight so I wouldn't have to go looking for him. With Spinks it becomes a foot race with me having to chase him down and I don't know how many fans want to see that. But if they do want to see it, I'd better get ready for it. But we'd have to see if it's worth it. If people want to see a Spinks fight let's do it, if not I'll move on to the next guy."

GL: If you don't fight Trinidad, who do you want to fight? What other fight is out there for you that brings big money that the fans would want to see?

SM: "At 147 there's Cotto and Margarito, but I'm not sure what's going on between Bob Arum and Golden Boy."

GL: Is it a situation of whatever the fans want to see the most is what you're going to give them?

SM: "I basically think that's what it's going to come down. I think the fight with me and Trinidad is something the people want to see, if not we'll move on the next guy."

GL: Prior to your fight with Vargas I recall you saying going to 154 for those fights was going to be a one shot deal because you were going to campaign at welterweight. Now it sounds like you're a lot more willing to fluctuate between welter and junior middle. Is that the case?

SM: "I definitely want to go down to 147 and fight, but the big fights don't seem to be there, so I might have to fight some bigger guys but I really want to fight at welterweight."

GL: What do you think about Wright-Quartey?

SM: "I think Winky will be the victor but it's going to be a lot tougher for Winky than people think."

GL: What about Taylor-Ouma?

SM: "We'll have to see if Ouma can take his punch, if he can it's going to be a very interesting fight."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

SM: "I want everyone to look forward to my next fight on February 24, I don't know who I'll be fighting yet, but it's going to be somebody that the fans want to see."


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