Mosley Moving Down To Welterweight!

By G. Leon


Mosley Moving Down To Welterweight!

In a move that many will feel was long overdue, former three division champion "Sugar" Shane Mosley will be moving back down to welterweight. Mosley has always ruled the move impossible, but impossible is nothing as the man who thrice bested Oscar De La Hoya told, "I'm on a new diet, I'm eating a little differently and I'm making some small changes to my nutritional program that are going to help stay strong while losing the weight," said Mosley is walking around at 158 as this goes to print.

Mosley says he's "sick of fighting southpaws", so it's safe to say fights with undisputed welterweight champ Cory Spinks or the Spinks-Zab Judah winner seem extremely unlikely at this point.

With former six division champion Oscar De La Hoya also moving back down to welterweight, many will expect De La Hoya-Mosley III, though Mosley says we shouldn't count on it happening right away.

"I'm probably going to take a tune up or two and then go for something big," said Mosley who contends he'll eventually be moving back up in weight to "get it on with Tito Trinidad." will have much more to follow with Mosley, so stay tuned to for all the latest.

Just For Jin: On September 1, 2004 the Mosley's got revenge on the Leon's in Spades, the series is all tied up at 1-1, the rubbermatch is set to take place in NYC early 2005.


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