More results from Friday night

By Scott Shaffer


More results from Friday night

Eric Reagan suffers bad loss in Sacramento

Donnie McCrary TKO1 Eric Reagan... Middleweight Eric Reagan (27-4) suffered a loss that knocked him off the list of prospects. Fighting in his hometown of Sacramento, California, Reagan lost to Donnie McCrary (23-5-2) by technical knockout in the first round. McCrary decked the tall Reagan with a left, and after Reagan got up, he did it again with a right that caused the referee to call the bout off without a ten count. source: sacramento bee

Otis Griffin TKO3 Brock Stodden... In the Sacramento co-feature, Otis Griffin improved to 18-1-2  by stopping Brock Stodden in the third round. It was scheduled for eight but cut short when the referee decided Stodden (18-15-1) had absorbed too many punches. source: sacramento bee

Monty Betham TKO1 Aaron Bartlett... In Auckland, New Zealand, rugby league player Monty Betham moved up to 3-0 by stopping 35 year old Aaron Bartlett in the first round. There were two knockdowns and Bartlett was bleeding from the nose at the time of the stoppage. source: new zealand herald