Mora brothers ready to make some noise!


Mora brothers ready to make some noise!

Should you be interested, I could arrange an interview with Adrian & Anthony Mora, a pair of undefeated (and unsigned) jr. welterweights from Denver, Colorado. They both fight out of the same gym as DaVarryl Williamson and they all share the same trainer, George Durbin. I believe it would be a great read for Adrian (12-0-1, 7) has stepped up to the plate and drew with Juan Carlos Rubio his last time out, and upset veteran Steve Quinonez before that, but continues to be avoided like the plague.


 Anthony (13-0, 9) has been slowed by a hand injury, but still displays the savvy moves of a veteran fighter, and shows all the signs of what should be a stellar career. Again, he is also avoided like the plague.


 Between the two of them, I have seen Mike Anchondo, Mike Arnaoutis, Chad Brisson & Jose Armando Santa Cruz duck out of fights, promoters for some reason or another are hesitant to sign them, still believing that Colorado only produces opponents, not contenders.


Perhaps it is their skill level, perhaps it is their size (6’ tall @ 135lbs), perhaps it is their desire to mix it up with the best, but whatever it is, it is keeping these brothers from exploding onto the scene.