Monte "Two Guns" Barrett in Super Fight on SuperBowl Weekend

by Darren Nichols


Monte "Two Guns" Barrett in Super Fight on SuperBowl Weekend

"I won’t rest until I become the heavyweight champion of the world."

BoxingTalk:  Monte, how is preparation for your fight with Damon Reed going?

Monte Barrett:  It’s good.  I’m on time and ready to go.

BoxingTalk:  Are you working on anything in particular to ensure that you’ll be victorious on February 2nd?

Monte Barrett: I’m going to be victorious regardless because I’m on a mission.  I’m putting my work in, and I won’t rest until I become they heavyweight champion of the world.

BoxingTalk:  With the last two of your wins ending in knockout, and with half of Reed’s losses coming by way of knockout, are you looking to end his night early?

Monte Barrett:  I’m just going to see what’s on the plate first.  I’ve never seen him fight before.  I’m going to be me.  I’m never worried about the guy I’m fighting.  I’ll do what I do and get a good win.

BoxingTalk:  What do you feel a win against Reed will do for your career?

Monte Barrett:  My most important fight is always the guy I’m about to face, so this fight against Reed is the fight of my life.  Everyone loves winners and they forget the losers.  You are going to see me fight on a whole new level.

BoxingTalk:  If you get in there with Reed, and he takes your best shot, what is your Plan B?

Monte Barrett:  I doubt there will be a need for a Plan B, but I’m versatile,  I can box, I can punch, and I can use my angles if I have to.

BoxingTalk:  Who is on Monte Barrett’s radar to prove you’re one to be reckoned with in the heavyweight division?

Monte Barrett:  I’d like to fight Chris Arreola and Chazz Witherspoon.  I’d like to face these undefeated up-and-coming prospects, and anyone else who is willing to step up to the plate.

BoxingTalk:  You fought just back in December, getting your big win over Cliff Couser.  How busy do you want 2008 to be for you?

Monte Barrett:  I want to fight once a month until I get sharp and I get a great opportunity that I can capitalize on.

BoxingTalk:  What should we expect to see from you once the bell rings to get your fight with Reed underway?

Monte Barrett:  Just me, the “Full Monte”…100%


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