Monte Barrett hoping Haye and Arreola stop running away because his "plan is to knock everybody out!"

By B. Artest


Monte Barrett hoping Haye and Arreola stop running away because his "plan is to knock everybody out!"

BT: What's the latest and greatest with Monte Barrett?  "I'm on cruise controll right now.  I'm training, but it's cruise controll to see what's going down.  As far as my advisor, and my promoter, they're doing things on their end.  I'm going to keep doing things on my end."

BT: There was quite a bit of talk about you possibly fighting Chris Arreola, what happened with that?

Monte Barrett:  Chris Arreola, I know is a competitive guy, he's a tough guy, he's a young guy, and he wants to come up to prove himself, which he should.  His people, his manager, Al Haymon, and his promoter, Dan Goosen, they know what's going to happen if he fights me.  I think that they should step up.  This is the boxing game, you've got to take chances, and if you believe in your product, you're going to put him out there.  Dan Goosen, I really don't like too much, but business is business.  Al Haymon is a very smart man, so he knows not to put Chris Arreola in there with me.  The people want to see the fight with me and Chris, I think Chris wants the fight.  I know he's going to read this, and he's going to say he wants the fight, so he needs to make it happen.  If that doesn't happen, then we've got David Haye, who's been ducking me since the Tye Fields fight.  Then we'll focus on that.

BT: So, if it doesn't work out with Arreola, you've set your sights on David Haye.

MB:  David Haye is looking to fight everyone but Monte Barrett.  I heard he was talking to Hasim Rahman, I heard he was talking to Oleg Maskaev, I hear he's talking to this person that person.  When is he going to step up?  He's always talking junk about, most fighters not being in shape.  Tell him to put up or shut up, don't talk about it, be about it, man.  Put your guns up, man, stop acting like a little pussy, and do what you have to do.  Step up and fight a real fighter.

BT: What do you think of Haye as a fighter? Would he go the distance with Monte Barrett?

MB:  He'd get knocked out.  He's going to get knocked out if he steps in the ring with me.  He doesn't want to fight me.  Let me tell you something, that 36-4 is not doing him pretty well.  The last person I knocked out, before I touched his chin, was 36-4.  I'm just going to say that David Haye is a pretender, he needs to stop acting.  He's not hard, and he's not about nothing.  The acting gig is up.

BT: If you had it your way who would you fight, Haye or Arreola?

MB:  Both.  I would do it back to back.  I would fight Arreola for the co-feature, and David Haye for the main event.  I'm so focused, David Haye and Chris Arreola, neither one of those guys is going to be able to step in my path.  As long as Al Haymon keeps waiting and waiting, Chris Arreola is going to do well with some of those guys, but he's going to get annihilated by me, and people want to see a good fight.  He's the Mexican guys, he's a hard guy, so step up, I'm a softy, I'm an old timer.  Al Haymon, I know you're reading this, Dan Goosen, if you're reading this put your glasses on and read this article carefully, stop faking the funk and put your fighter in there with a real fight, test him.  He hasn't fought anybody yet.  Chazz Witherspoon isn't fit enough to carry around my jockstrap!  Stop faking, and let's make it happen. 

BT: Would you fight Haye in England?

MB:  Of course I'll fight him in England.  I'll fight him in England, Austria, Switzerland, wherever I have to go, it doesn't make a difference.

BT: How do you feel about the direction your career has been heading since you avenged the loss to Couser?

MB:  I feel like I'm on point.  Right now, everyone is doing what they need to do.  Greg Leon is doing his job, I'm doing my job, DiBella needs to do his job.  Let's make it happen, and let's see what happens.  At this point and time, I'm focused, I'm hungry.  The second day I was back in New York from the Tye Fields fight, I was in the gym.  It's not a game with me.  I've got a few more fights left, and I'm going to make them the best. 

BT: Do you feel you ressurected yourself that night or against Tye Fields?

MB:  I feel I ressurected myself the night I fought Cliff Couser.  I think that's when my ressurection began.  It didn't begin with Tye Fields, and it won't end with Tye Fields.  Tye Fields was just a pawn in the mix.  As you know, I've got three KO's back to back.  I plan on keeping it like that.  My plan is to knock everybody out, I'm not leaving it up to a decision, I'm not leaving anything up to the judges.  The judges, they can sit down, they don't even have to come.  I'm going for the homerun.  My motto is, if the knockout counts, it counts, because I'm not going for a decision.

BT: Tell us why you feel the best is yet to come from Monte Barrett?

MB:  I think I've learned myself, I've mastered myself, I live right, I eat right, I feel like my energy is very good.  I so focused.  These young guys that put all that crap in their bodies, that believe the hype, I'm not doing any of that.  At this point and time, I'm focused and I'm hungry.  I've still got a lot left in me.  I've been fighting for many years, but I've only been active for six, so you tell me.  Look at me, do I look like I'm ready to go yet?  No.  I'm going to go when I'm ready to go.  No one's going to tell me it's time to give it up.

BT: What's the earliest we could expect you back in the ring?

MB:  As soon as DiBella comes to an agreement with Al Haymon and Dan Goosen, or with Golden Boy and the London people.  You'll see me back in the ring as soon as that happens.

BT: Anything you want to say in closing?

MB:  Keep giving it to boxing, keep staying positive, keep your energy good, and just keep tuning in to boxing.  Thank you for supporting me, keep supporting.