Monte Barrett: Tye Fields will be my third early KO in a row

By Darren Nichols


Monte Barrett: Tye Fields will be my third early KO in a row

BoxingTalk:  Monte, what have you been up to since your second round stoppage over Damon Reed last February?

Monte Barrett:  The old Monte Barrett is getting back in the gym, and back on the road to reaching my goal.

BoxingTalk:  What is your goal?

Monte Barrett:  My goal is to make my first million this year.  I know with my ability in the ring it will happen.

BoxingTalk:  Now that you are fighting on the undercard of the Pacquiao-Diaz fight in June, how will you prepare for Tye Fields?

Monte Barrett:  The way I’m going to prepare for Tye Fields is just have a lot of discipline.  I’m in the gym working on my balance and I’m perfecting it.  I’m very confident in dealing with a southpaw.  I don’t fight southpaws very much, but I have done well against them in the amateurs and in sparring.

BoxingTalk:  What should Fields expect from you once the action gets underway on June 28th?

Monte Barrett:  He should expect hell.

BoxingTalk:  What should fight fans expect from you in this fight with Fields?

Monte Barrett:  My fans will keep getting what they always get from me:  I’ll put on a great show, and put on a great fight.  They’re going to expect a great fight, and they’re going to get it.

BoxingTalk:  With your last couple fights ending in second round knockout victories, do you feel your power will be your biggest advantage over Fields?

Monte Barrett:  I feel my biggest advantage will be my experience, but I have gotten stronger.  You can’t take away from the level of opposition I have faced.  Fields is a B- fighter on paper.  He’s stayed busy, but he hasn’t faced anybody.  He now has to step up to the plate.  I’ve fought in front of record crowds, and I’ve been up to the plate most of my career.

BoxingTalk:  Fields has an impressive knockout ratio in his 41 victories.  How will you prepare for his power in this fight?

Monte Barrett:  To be honest, anyone over 200-pounds can knock anybody out, but he reminds me of a Valuev.  He’s a workhorse, but he’s not a big puncher.  I’ve been hit by the hardest and the best.  I’m not going to see anything different from Tye Fields that I haven’t seen before.

BoxingTalk:  How much do you believe your experience and the superior level of opposition you have faced will play a role in this fight with Fields?

Monte Barrett:  I believe it so much that I took the fight.  This is not about money, it’s about glory.  It’s about my redemption.  I’m ready to take it to another level.  I’m going into his hometown of Las Vegas with his promoter Bob Arum promoting the fight.  I believe in myself that much.

BoxingTalk:  Besides a victory for yourself, how do you see this fight playing out with Fields?

Monte Barrett:  I can’t give up too much information, but I’ve been working on so many things in the gym.  Fighting three times in the past eight months, I’ve fought more than I’ve ever had.  I’ve been working on countering, and this fight will play out in two scenarios, but it will end with Fields losing and me winning.  If Tye Fields comes out aggressively, it will be a short night for him, and if he tries to come out and box, it will be short night for him.

BoxingTalk:  Any closing thoughts?

Monte Barrett:  I actually want to know what the fans think about this fight.  I love boxing and boxing fans, and I respect their opinions.  Please send me your thoughts/opinions of this fight at:



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