Monte Barrett: Arreola, Witherspoon, Povetkin, whoever!

By Darren Nichols


Monte Barrett: Arreola, Witherspoon, Povetkin, whoever!

"To all these heavyweights, get your game together, and let’s do it."

BoxingTalk:  Monte, last time we spoke, you mentioned that you had a possible fight lined up for early March.  Has there been any progress made for your next fight?

Monte Barrett:  No.  As of now everything is at zero.

BoxingTalk: Who would you like to fight to prove that you’re one to be reckoned with in the heavyweight division?

Monte Barrett:  I want to stay busy and fight.  I was supposed to fight Alexander Povetkin last year, I was supposed to fight Chris Arreola in February but those fights fell through.  Chazz Witherspoon doesn’t want to do that fight.  I want to fight anybody. Povetkin and me was supposed to fight, but that didn't happen. Now that Don King ain't in the mix, it should be really easy to make, so if he's looking for a fight all they have to do is pick up the phone and we can do it!

BoxingTalk:  How are you staying busy until you get back in the ring?

Monte Barrett:  I’m in the gym training. Everyday.

BoxingTalk:  What are you working on in the gym to make sure you will be victorious when you face your next opponent?

Monte Barrett:  We’re working on power punching, a lot of cardio, getting my rhythm and coordination going to stay sharp.

BoxingTalk:  You mentioned some opponents earlier, but those fights arent happening for the moment.  Is there someone else you can fight to get back in the ring as soon as possible?

Monte Barrett:  I’d like to fight anybody, anytime, anywhere. Put them in front of me and I'm going to knock them down.  Any of these guys who are in the top ten I would stop and make it look easy breezy,  and I don’t even know who the top ten is anymore.

BoxingTalk:  What did you think of Klitschko’s fight last weekend?

Monte Barrett:  Nothing. I thought it was a boring fight just like everyone else did.  It didn’t do nothing for the heavyweight division.

BoxingTalk:  Do you have a message for all the heavyweights out there?

Monte Barrett:  Yeah, put up or shut up.  If you want to fight and get together let ‘s do it. We could put on a throwback fight from the old days.  Stop worrying about rankings.  You got to earn your keep.  To all these heavyweights, get your game together, and let’s do it.  Let’s make history.

BoxingTalk:  Do you have a message for the fight fans who are looking forward to seeing you back in the ring soon?

Monte Barrett:  I’m just waiting for my turn.  I’m staying sharp and in shape.


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