Monte Barett calls out James Toney!

By G. Leon


Monte Barett calls out James Toney!

GL: What's the latest and greatest Monte? "I just finished my workout for the day. I've been keeping myself in shape and I'm just looking to get back in there really soon."

GL: Have you had any discussions with Don King? If so, have they been informative?

Monte Barrett: "Well basically I had a discussion with Don and we were talking about some upcoming fight and one of the guys that I would love to fight is James Toney. We're looking at a date for late March or early April and moving from there."

GL: The last time we spoke you expressed interest in fighting Evander Holyfield. Is that still a fight you'd like to make?

MB: "I'm interested in two fights, Toney and Holyfield. I would rather fight Toney because he's a great fighter and he's had 70 fights. He's had his time, but his time is up. It's time for me to end his career. I'm coming on record saying that I'm ready to end both of their careers, I want them to be able to say they had their careers ended by Monte Barrett. Some of these guys don't want to get out of the game on their own so it's time for me to make them do it."

GL: How does a fight with you and James Toney play out?

MB: "It's going to play out how it's played out for James in his last few fights, it's going to be another loss on his record."

GL: If you can't get a fight with Toney or Holyfield do you plan on staying busy on an undercard somewhere?

MB: "Oh definitely. My goal is to be fighting by the end of March or early April whichever way it goes. That's my target date."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

MB: "I want to thank all of the fans for their support. One thing we can all agree on is boxing needs to be more visible so I want to thank the number one boxing site in the world, for keeping me out there and making it hot."


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