Mitchell to Margarito: "Step up and sign the contract!"

By G. Leon


Mitchell to Margarito: "Step up and sign the contract!"

GL: What's the latest Sharmba? "Nothing much man, I just got back from Jamaica and I'm just trying to pick up where I left off in my last fight. I've been staying in shape, running and keeping my weight down. I'm keeping myself active like I never have before, I'm staying in the gym and I'm looking forward to bigger and better things. I'm searching for three more wins and one more world title."

GL: I've heard your name in the mix for a title shot at WBO welterweight champion Antonio Margarito. What can you tell us about that?

Sharmba Mitchell: "I've heard that as well. I haven't heard a lot more about since they first brought it up so I hope he's not having cold feet. I'm waiting to hear back from my people telling me it's a done deal because you know that's the kind of fight I'm looking for."

GL: What do you think about a fight with Margarito?

Sharmba Mitchell: "I think it would be a great fight and you know that's what I'm looking for. I want to be a three time world champion and I know beating him would leave a lot of bigger things in front of me. Margarito is the kind of fight I want so I hope he steps up to the plate after saying everyone is ducking and dodging him."

GL: After watching your performance against Jose Luis Cruz, what do you feel you need to build on in order to be successful against Margarito?

Sharmba Mitchell: "He's actually the same kind of fighter Cruz is to me. He does some things differently, but he's not faster or slicker than I am and he's the kind of challenge that I'm looking for. Nobody really talks about fighting him, and I told my cousin Nate that this fight would be a lot easier for me than people think."

GL: Are you basing that on you having superior boxing ability?

SM: "It's not that, it's just that I know what I'm capable of doing in the ring when I'm at my best and focused for battle. I really don't understand why guys are scared of this guy, I don't see him as anything special. He's just another fighter to me and he's got some skills but he looks pretty basic to me. I know my skills would be the difference."

GL: What would be your biggest motivation coming into a Margarito fight? I know you're aware people would favor him so would being the underdog be as motivating as capturing another championship?

SM: "Most definitely. I know people would be picking him but my motivation would be beating up this guy who is supposed to be the man everyone is running from. People want to put him on a pedestal and I'm ready to knock him off of that pedestal. I think everyone sees how he knocks people out and they get carried away, but I want him to be everything they say he is and more so this way when I beat him they're going to have no choice but consider me the best out there at 147."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

SM: "Margarito I'm ready when you are, I think you're title would fit around my waist just right so step up to the plate and sign the contract!"


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