Mitchell speaks on potential fight with Mayweather!

By G. Leon


Mitchell speaks on potential fight with Mayweather!

I would love for it to be on Thanksgiving so after the fight I could tell Floyd thanks for giving me this victory!"

GL: So how does it feel to be in the mix for a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.? "It feels pretty good. You know I thought I was going to fight Zab Judah and when that didn't happen it was kind of a downer because I was already training for the fight. It feels good to have a fight like this come along because right now Floyd is on top and he's undefeated. He's undefeated for now. I know the boxing writers say he's the best pound for pound in the world right now and until he gets beat, I'd have to agree with that also, so this is a tremendous opportunity that I definitely will make the most of."

GL: Naturally you're supremely confident of victory, however many people are going to say you have no chance and even more will say why should Floyd move up in weight to fight Sharmba Mitchell after talking about possibly fighting Winky Wright or Zab Judah?

Sharmba Mitchell: "Floyd wants to move up in weight to fight the best. He tried to make those fights you mentioned and what he's trying to do is make his legacy really great so he's moving up in weight fast looking for the best fights. I don't everything that went on in those negotiations, but from what I hear, he wasn't the reason those fights didn't happen. I know for a fact I wasn't the reason the fight with Zab didn't happen that's for sure.

"I give Floyd Mayweather a lot of respect for moving up in weight looking to fight the best possible compeitition. No one is able to stop Floyd right now because of his hand speed and his confidence. But when you have someone in front of you with a lot of speed and as much or more confidence it's going to make for a tough fight for Floyd to win."

GL: Bob Arum mentioned the possibility of Mayweather fighting on HBO World Championship Boxing on November 19 or a Thanksgiving weekend PPV. If a Mayweather fight comes to fruition where do you think it should be televised? Is it a worthy PPV?

Sharmba Mitchell: "Well, I think with the level Floyd is on right now everything he does should be PPV, especially when your fighting a former two time world champion. I saw what Arum said to you and I agree. With the fight happeneing on Thanksgiving, everyone will be home after the football is done, people will be looking for something exciting to watch and one thing you know you're going to get if me and Floyd fight is excitement. What is there to watch on Thanksgiving? Nothing. And I would love for it to be on Thanksgiving so after the fight I could tell Floyd thanks for giving me this victory!"

GL: Had the Judah fight come off, Don King would have again become your promoter. Are you now a free agent since that fight isn't happening on September 3 as originally scheduled?

Sharmba Mitchell: "I would have been with Don King for four fights, but since the fight didn't happen I'm a free agent and to be honest with you I prefer it to be that way. My thing is, I'm going to make moves that make sense. If it makes dollars it makes sense and I have one of the best management companies around so being a free agent has worked well for me because I'm able to deal with everyone and I'm not locked in to one person."

GL: When should we expect an update regarding the Mayweather fight?

Sharmba Mitchell: "I spoke with my attorney Jeffrey Fried and he told me we should have something more solid before the end of the week."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

Sharmba Mitchell: "I want to thank all of my fans for believing in me and their continued support and I'm letting everyone know right now if this fight happens, Floyd's going to get his first L."


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