Missy Fiorentino Exclusive

By James Alden


Missy Fiorentino Exclusive

JA: How’s it going Missy? You're coming off a big win on Tuesday Night fights against Belinda Laracuente can you tell us a little bit about that fight? MF: That was one of my hardest fights. She is a very experienced fighter, I felt great about that fight. Since I have been training with Peter (Manfredo Sr) I have been improving a lot., and I’m already back In training because I will be fighting again at the end of August.

JA: You took the fight on short notice can you tell us a little bit about how the fight came about?

MF: I had already fought 3 weeks before that so I was already In shape, they asked if I would fight. But I didn’t know who I would be fighting until a week before the fight. I had seen her fight before so I know she was a really good boxer. But I couldn’t let her fight her fight; I had to make her fight mine.

JA: Were you surprised on how easy the fight was?

MF: Going into the first round I wasn’t sure. But after the first round I knew I could keep her on the ropes. I was surprised when I got her on the ropes and she stayed there.

JA: Do you think she was shocked at the way you came out and fought?

MF: I think so. I think that she thought I would be an easy fight only because she had so many good fights and I only had 13. In the first round I hit her with a right hand and I stunned her with it.

JA: Do you think the win is a big career booster for you?

MF: Yes and plus It was on National television It helped everyone see what kind of fighter I am. I will fight anyone out there.

JA: Do you know who your next fight might be against?

MF: Not sure yet.

JA: How many more times would you like to fight before the end of the year?

MF: Probley a couple more before the end of the year. Maybe to two more  before the end of the year.

JA: When do you think you will be ready to to fight for a World Title ?

MF: Probley a few more fights if everything goes right.

JA: You fight at 126. Do you see yourself moving up in weight to fight?

MF: I will either fight 126 or 130.  If I go up to 135 I get small. That’s why I like staying at the lighter weights just because of my height.

JA: How has Peter Manfredo Sr helped you since becoming your trainer?

MF: He has helped me out a lot. He has been working a lot on my defense. I have been with Peter since January, before I got with Peter I was more of an offensive fighter, I would go straight In. He’s been helping me with both my defense and offense. I still go In and throw a lot but I don’t get hit as much as I used to.

JA: Is there anything that you would like to say in closing to all your fans around the World on Boxingtalk.com?

MF: I would just like to say that I am training really hard. I will continue to put on exciting fights for you. Also like to say thanks to all my fans out there who continue to support me.