Missing: Hopkins-Trinidad Fight

By Matt Goldstein


Missing: Hopkins-Trinidad Fight

FBI Investigating Whether or Not this "Legendary Fight" Actually Took Place

Has anyone seen Hopkins-Trinidad lately? If found, please call the FBI. There is some AP photo evidence that the fight might have taken place but no footage to prove it and the FBI is deeply concerned. Since this footage has been barred from ever being seen by anyone ever, AP photos are all that's left of one of the most legendary nights in the history of boxing. Even HBO hasn't been able to "find" a clip of this legendary fight and was forced to use photos to hype Hopkins next 12 fights. After a while, it seemed HBO just decided to skip over this period in Hopkins career because even they weren't sure whether the fight actually existed. If someone has footage of this fight by all means please make it public, of course, do not dare broadcast a second of it because it could possibly damage a few careers. Just send the tape directly to the FBI and HBO. Thanks! (Editor's Note: This is not real, so please stop sending emails asking where to send the tape.)

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