Mini Monday Mailbag

By G. Leon


Mini Monday Mailbag

G what’s up with these trainers losing their damn mind; does Enzo Calzaghe really if his beefed up 17 lbs he could really beat Wlad Klitschko I would pay to see that massacre I hope Roy KO’s that bum; and does Jack Loew really think the Ghost will KO B-Hop I’m baffled with these comments and their strategy of jabbing B-Hop and hoping he will tire as their main plan is a terrible one.

Leon's Response: I would be shocked if Hopkins got stopped, but if anybody could do it, it would be somebody with the relaxed, natural power of Pavlik. Calzaghe is out of his mind if he thinks his son can compete at heavyweight.

I watched the Vitali vs. Peter fight this past weekend. Vitali definately gave him a boxing lesson, and you don't usually say that about heavyweights. We all usually complain how boring and sloppy the fight was, but I actually literally counted only 1 clinch the whole fight. Do you think that Vitali had an easier time with Peter than Wladimir because he has better defensive skills? I mean he fought the whole fight with his hands down but his head movement and body movement were very good for a very big man. He also seems to throw more punches than Wladimir. Wladimir works behind that jab and looks to land the right hand. Vitali was throwing all type of punches from many different angels. Despite Vitali's age, would you say he is still the better Klitschko? Where do they go from here? I know that they say they'll never fight eacher other... -Chris

Leon's Response: Vitali couldn't have looked better. He immediately reclaimed his spot as the best heavyweight in the world. Congrats to him and Wladimir for holding titles at the same time. They're going to be the guys everbody is gunning for and they're going to be the guys generating the money. Samuel Peter still has a bright future in front of him. One things for sure, the powers that be are certainly pleased the heavyweight division has an economic force in the form of the Klitschko brothers.

Yo G, Im tired of reading your boy Dan Rafael (lol) say any unification among the jr. middleweights is uninteresting. He's supposed to be pushing for unifications. Verno Phillips against anyone is exciting. Make a Vernon Forrest-Phillips fight happen somehow G. If not, make a Phillips-Sergio Martinez fight. Neither should be too hard for you to make. Im sure you're directly linked to all of them somehow. That way, Phillips can bask in glory and Rafael can write about an exciting unified champ.

Leon's Response: So stop reading him, lol. Fortunately HBO thinks Verno Phillips versus Paul Williams is interesting enough. We would have loved to unify the titles against Vernon more than he wanted to unify with us, but it wasn't in the cards. Something tells me Vernon Forrest and Pavlik could be fighting soon. Damn was that a masterpiece by Hopkins or what?