Mike Tyson: "I'm Going To Get Right And Clean This Division Up!"

By G. Leon


Mike Tyson: "I'm Going To Get Right And Clean This Division Up!"

Tyson Speaks On The Heavyweight Mess

Following an eighteen month hiatus from boxing, former undisputed heavyweight champ, "Iron" Mike Tyson returned to the ring to face Danny Williams on July 30, 2004, on Showtime PPV.  Even though Chris Webb's Straight Out Promotions only had thirty days to promote the fight, Tyson-Williams generated approximately 250,000 PPV buys. Compare that to the 125,000 PPV buys DKP's November 13 date generated and the 120,000 PPV buys Vitali Klitschko bombed with last weekend, and one thing is crystal clear, Mike Tyson is still the straw that stirs the drink at heavyweight. Tyson-Williams generated more PPV buys the other two heavyweight cards combined. Furthermore, DKP and K2 each had three months to promote their events, one can only wonder how horrific the PPV#'s would have been had King or Klitschko only been given thirty days. Last night Boxingtalk.com spoke with Tyson about the "horrendous" state of the  heavyweight division,  his future plans and more. 

Tyson On The Heavyweights and Their PPV #'s.

"This has to be the worst state the heavyweight division has been in the history of the division, wouldn't you think so? I mean, these guys are ridiculous, they could think I'm down and out or whatever, but I'm going to get right, get it together and clean this division up."

"I don't know though, I wonder what the boxers think about this? They can't be as bad as most people think they are, but the division is a mess right now and you need to continue to write about the state of this division, because none of these guys are impressive, none of them have the package and it's just a hell of a thing that the division is in this condition."

So what's next for you Mike? When will you be back?

"I don't know yet, but I'm going to start training hard to get it together."

Tyson said he seriously doubted he'd be fighting in March, as his manager Shelly Finkel had suggested last week, but he plans to begin heavy training upon his return to the west coast.

Tyson acknowledged that any potential heavyweight tournament would have to involve him if it were to demand serious attention from the public. "If they want it to be a big deal and they want people to care about it, they can't have it without me!"



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