Miguel Espino: The Undiscovered Contender

By Brad Cooney


Miguel Espino: The Undiscovered Contender

With all of the big name former Contender series stars like Mora, Manfredo Jr, Gomez, and Forbes, there is one that has been flying underneath the radar, and winning every fight.  Miguel Espino is racking up the wins one after another, and is slowly but surely climbing the Middleweight rankings.  Boxingtalk recently sat down with Miguel, and got his thoughts on his latest victory over Arturo Ortega, and discussed what may lay ahead for his bright boxing future.

BC – Thanks for joining Boxingtalk.

ME – What's up Brad, what's up Boxingtalk?

BC – Let's get right into this, talk about your performance against Arturo Ortega on June 30th.

ME – It was an awkward fight because of a strange style match-up.  He came to fight, and he came into the fight in shape.  It was an ok performance, I could have been better, it is what it is.  Overall it was an ok performance.

BC – Talk about his style, and how it bothered you some.

ME – Yea he was just very awkward.  When two styles clash like that it's always difficult to look good against.  When that happens you have to really raise you game, and nevertheless I dominated him, and I won.

BC – I noticed that it was an 8 round fight, and your motor usually doesn't get going until the 5th round.

ME – Yea, it was scheduled for a 10 round fight but the commission reduced it to an eight rounder.  My motor doesn't usually get going until about the 5th round.  If the fight went 10 rounds, I may have stopped him in the 8th or 9th round.

BC – You have a 7 fight win streak going, I am guessing that your confidence is really booming right now.

ME – Definitely Brad, I am at a level right now where I can't be fighting guys like Ortega, you know I have been fighting good fighters, but not world class fighters.  Definitely this year I have to break through, and show the world what I got, that I am a true Middleweight contender.

BC – Do you see yourself fighting a guy in like the top 20 in your next fight?

ME – Well not the next fight, I am already scheduled to fight August 17th.  I am already in discussions with Manny Cotto Promotions and ESPN to have a big show in Bakersfield in September.  I think that is when I will step it up and fight someone named.  I think Joval's name was mentioned, he would definitely be a test for me.

BC – How do you see yourself matching up against a guy like Joval?

ME – I think it would be a great fight, he comes forward and he throws a lot of punches.  I think our styles would make for a great fight.

BC – There was a Star Trek Movie that came out called The Undiscovered Country, I see you as the Undiscovered Contender.  Do you see yourself becoming the discovered contender in the near future?

ME – Without making a bold statement, I can win 30 fights in a row but if there isn't a television fight, and against a top named fighter, it doesn't mean anything.  You have to keep getting in the ring and working on your trade, that's the only way to polish your game.  I think todays fighter are spoiled, when they get to the elite level they fight like once or twice a year.

BC – At the end of the day, you're going to need television fights.  Have you talked to your people about that?

ME – The Contender people are talking about a possible third Contender series.  After what happened to Peter Manfredo Jr against Calzaghe, It kind of went down the drain as far as getting television fights, and doing big things.  I am in discussions with Manny Cotto Promotions, and we are talking with ESPN, and Showtime.  I have a good relationship with both of them, and hopefully by this year, September or November at the latest I will have something going on Showtime or ESPN.  I haven't signed with Manny Cotto Promotions, it's a handshake at this point, we are both men and I am a man of my word.

BC – What if an established promoter like Golden Boy approached you? I am guessing you will answer that phone call.

ME – I would definitely sit down and talk to them.

BC – How many more times do you want to fight this year?

ME – I want to crack the top ten, and get television fights in the near future.  Maybe against Joval, let's see what happens?

BC  - Do you have any closing thoughts for your fans?

ME – I want to tell all of my fans that I appreciate all of their support.  I want to thank everybody who came out to my last fight in Sylmar, California.  Thanks for the support through email, and on my myspace.  I will be on television in the near future!  I want to thank Boxingtalk for having me on, and having my back.


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