Miguel Espino's stock continues to rise

By Brad Cooney


Miguel Espino's stock continues to rise

Since coming up short against Peter Manfredo, Jr. back in 2004, Miguel Espino has strung together an eight fight win streak, and is looking to take his career to the next level.  Espino, as some of you may remember was on the original Contender series televised on NBC.  He lost a close decision to Manfredo.  Recently, in a rematch against Arturo Ortega, he got an impressive knockout.

BT - You recently knocked out Arturo Ortega, talk about your performance.

ME - Well the first time I fought him it was weird because he was an awkward fighter.  This second time he stepped in and took the fight with me because my original opponent backed out.  Ortega was in good shape, and he came to fight.  I was able to take him out of there in five rounds.

BT - How short was the notice he had before the fight?

ME - It was about two weeks, but he was in shape already. 

BT - Let's talk about the future.  You have strung together a nice win streak so I am guessing that you are ready to start fighting some bigger name fighters.

ME - Definitely, I have already gotten some phone calls from people, but honestly?  They are trying to rape me, I guess they want me to fight for per diem.  I am not so much stressing about he money, the money will come but what they are offering isn't too much.  I was offered like 2,500 to fight a top ten name fighter, and was told to take it or leave it, so I said, "leave it."
Right now we are in negotiations with Showtime, it looks like I might be fighting Raymond Joval.

BT - I am guessing that you are going to have to eat one of those lower paying purses to earn you way up to bigger purses with the way boxing is right now.  I am thinking a win over a Joval would put you in a better position to negotiate.

ME - Yea I think you're right Brad, I think John Bray and Manny Cota Promotions will probably end up having to do that.  I am looking for some national exposure since leaving the contender. 

BT - Television fights are what it's all about, but it takes a minute to get to that level.

ME - Definitely Brad, right now we are looking at January or February at the earliest.  I am staying busy, maybe not against top guys, but I am staying busy.  I need television fights though, if I beat a top guy and it's not on television, people won't even know about it.

BT - Did you see the Kelly Pavlik vs Jermian Taylor fight?

ME - I saw it, and I predicted that fight exactly.  I said if Jermain tries to do that rope a dope stuff on the ropes, Pavlik will knock him out.  Jermain didn't even see that right hand coming.  The only way I see Pavlik getting beat is if you back him up.  It's difficult but it can be done.  Everyone that Pavlik beats is when he backs them up to the ropes.

BT - How do you see yourself matching up against a guy like Kelly Pavlik?

ME - I think I would do very well.  Kelly has a weird body, no muscle, skinny, but he can hit like a mule.  I think if I banged that body, backed him up, and don't get hit with that right hand, I could do very well against him.

BT - So you look to get back in there in November?

ME - Yes November 17th on the border of Mexico and Arizona.  They already have 2,500 tickets sold. 

BT - Do you have an opponent yet?

ME - No, but for this fight we'll take one for the team and fight a lower payday fight.  I plan on doing well, and keep my stock going up.  Until I get the phone call to get that bigger name fighter, I have to do what I have to do.

BT - Do you have any closing thoughts?

ME - Thanks to all of my fans, like I said there is already 2,500 tickets sold for my next fight.  I want to tell my fans thank you, and I will be world champion one day.


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