By G. Leon



Goodbye Arturo Gatti, hello Michael Katsidis. The WBO's interim lightweight champion allowed us to get to really get to know him as he persevered for twelve rounds with severe laceraions on both sides of his face and a closed left eye, to outwork and outwill formidable Philippine challenger Czar Amonsot on the Hopkins-Wright telecast last weeked. In this must read exclusive interview that can only be found on Boxingtalk, Katsidis discusses the fight with Amonsot and his future plans, which he's hoping include a date with undefeatd WBA and WBO champion Juan Diaz.

GL: Congrats on your victory, can you give us some thoughts on your performance? "It was a very tough fight, but that's what I prepared for. I was never trying to underestimate this guy and when everyone asked me what my prediction was, despite the record that I have,  I told everybody that I was expecting to do a hard twelve rounds. My vision was impaired from the second round on and I worked through some things that I wasn't planning on working through."

GL: Was there anything about Amonsot that surprised you?

Michael Katsidis: "Not really because I go in threre ready for anything and I'm fighting the best fighters in the world. It doesn't matter who I fight or where I fight them I'm fighting for my life. I going in there expecting anything at all times."

GL: Are your fights always that action packed? Is that a regular occurence?

MK: "Fights like that happen on the regular. There's a lot of people starting to fade away from the sport and what the sport needs is new fighters who are going to give the fans lots of action to make the fights the way they used to be in the old days. I can't remember any of my fights being boring. I give credit where credit is due and I don't carry anyone. Anybody who is not good enough to be in there I will get him out of there. I did twelve rounds the other night and it's good to have that under my belt. There was a threat with the cut so I obviously had to survive the last two rounds. When there was a question about them stopping the fight I came out and I put the guy down. It's just a matter of boxing with smarts."

GL: Do you feel your fight stole the show?

MK: "You don't have to ask me the question to know that. I think everyone knows which fight was the most entertaining of the night. I'm one of those blokes who you might get a lot out of, but I'd rather let my fists do all the talking."

GL: Where do you want to go from here?

MK: "We've got some big fights we're looking forward to at the moment. I've got Juan Diaz on my radar. I want to beat the best and prove that I'm the best. There's still plenty of big fights out there and I plan on fighting in America. Right now I'm at war and this is where I'll be until the war is over. I'm excited about bringing fresh blood to the sport so the fans can appreciate this sport for what it really is."

GL: Do you feel you should get your fight with Juan Diaz before he further unifies the division against Julio Diaz?

MK: "Right now I'm just savoring my victory. I don't get too much into the media, other fighters or what they're doing. I just know when I get in the ring with him he's going to have 100% of my concentration and he's going to be in for a fight that night."

GL: How do you feel a fight between you and Juan Diaz would play out?

MK: "It's a great fight because he's an action fighter and he comes forward. I don't really want any other fight but that one. I was built for that fight I was made for that fight. He's the Baby Bull he keeps coming forward and I've got an aggressive style so I think that fight will be one of the best fights people could ask for in boxing today. The injuries that I've sustained are healing very quickly so I'm going to be back sooner than people might think. I get busted up quickly, but I heal very quick. I have good blood and it heals very fast so I'm hoping to get one more fight in before the end of the year.'

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

MK: "If you begin to follow me, I promise you are going to see real fights. The days of people talking and then there's no action, those days are over. Every time I get into the ring I'm ready to die and I fight with heart."


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