Mesquita calls out the big boys!

By Charles Presnell


Mesquita calls out the big boys!

Antonio Mesquita seems to be a fighter lost in the mix of talent rich division where getting your name to stick out in the crowd is extremely difficult. Mesquita has accumulated an excellent record of 32-0 with 26 knockouts and a few regional titles. Recently Antonio broke his long layoff with two straight victories in Ogden, UT. According to his handlers, Mesquita is ready for anyone which includes the elite fighters in the world as the majority of them fight around his weight division.

His most recent victory came over Anthony Ivy where he destroyed the former amateur standout in one round with a wicked attack to Ivy’s body. While Ivy is far from a world beater, Mesquita showed he has shaken off any ring rust he may have accumulated from his year and a half layoff. Sitting ringside, one could feel the pain inflicted upon Ivy as his manager mercifully waved to the referee to stop the bout following the third knock down of Ivy. When asked about the victory, Mesquita said though an interpreter, "I tried to knock him out with the first punch of the fight, I knew he would not last long."

Ivy simply said, "I just couldn’t hang with him. He’s much stronger than he looks."

When asked about his current situation about his future opponents Mesquita responded by saying, "I think I am ready for a real challenge.  I would love to fight Oscar De La Hoya or Floyd Mayweather, Jr. first, then Ricky Hatton, Paul Williams, Arturo Gatti, Zab Judah, Shamba Mitchell, Carlos Baldomir or any real challenger.  Unfortunately, whenever the opportunity has come, many of these top guys simply dodge me.  I was supposed to fight Ricky Hatton a few years ago but he flaked.  I don’t know why, but I put the fear of God in many fighters." For now Antonio intends on staying busy by fighting Justo Sanchez in his next fight in Utah.

Mesquita’s trainer and manager Luiz Tapia made it known, "After this fight (with Sanchez) I want Mesquita to be fighting someone that means something. A win over this guy (Sanchez) doesn’t do much for us, but we need to fight so we will do the fight." Tapia is not shy when talking about Mesquita and his abilities. "I tell you, this guy Mesquita is knocking out heavyweights in the gym. He was supposed to spar with Mayorga for 8 rounds and Mayorga quit after two. Mesquita is one of the strongest fighters I have seen and he can fight. He will beat anyone 140 to 154. Mesquita always trains hard, he doesn’t do drugs or drink like a lot of these other fighters so he will be around for a long time."

"Mesquita is an extraordinary fighter, I was not fully convinced until I saw how easily he knocked out Ivy. I am convinced that he will win a world championship," stated Mesquita’s promoter Edward Mendy. "We just need to find him a real test to get him the opportunity to shine," Mendy continued.

On top of the list of fighters Mesquita would like to fight are Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd Mayweather and Antonio Margarito. "Oscar De La Hoya is a great fighter, one of the best ever.  He has done himself and the sport of Boxing proud.  If De La Hoya wants to continue to test faith, I, with all due respect, will gladly end De La Hoya’s career for him.  If Oscar needs a worthy opponent to prove that he still has it, he needs to look no further." Recently on Boxingtalk, Oscar has said if he returns he will fight Floyd Mayweather so Mesquita’s dream may have to remain just that, a dream. Rest assured Mesquita will continue to prove he deserves a spot on the top of riches weight divisions in the sport.


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