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whats up !! well, i want to say a few things. i just read that ike quartey is coming back and has a fight in decemberand he will be a middleweight. i also read he is now with lou dibella. have u read anything on this or heard anything? i hope he does. he was an exciting fighter and one of the hardest hitters at the time he was boxing. i wanted to see a trinidad vs quartey match so bad when both were welters but never happened. would i like to see it now, hell yeah!! but after quartey gets 1 tuneup fight or 2. can't wait for this!! also, i know hopkins said that tito needs him, which tito does to be the real middleweight champ, but u know that tito is going to make more money than hopkins even when they don't fight each other. so i think hopkins need tito in the money sense. cuz he won't make alot of money fighting other guys. only tarver and jones(who might be gone). and do u think tito doesn't want to fight hopkins, or it's don king and his dad? i think tito wants him and i think he will fight anybody, but i think king and papa are going to wait a while for that fight. on the diego corrales vs castillo fight, u say it might not happen cuz showtime might not pay chico what he deserves. why not have it on hbo? both have appeared on hbo and it could be easy to make. i hope that happens. that is a brawl there!! and why is taylor fighting joppy? i thought it was supposed to be eastman vs taylor for the # 1 in the wbc? plus, joppy is done!! tito and hopkins both finished him.taylor will ko joppy as well. i wanted to see him fight eastman. im not saying he would beat taylor, but it would give him a real good test and maybe eastman might beat him. atleast he would be facing the number 2 ranked middle in the world, now that tito is back at number 1. and i for one would like to see hopkins vs sturm. call me crazy, but i think it would be a good fight!! and is there any chance of seeing roy jnes vs felix trinidad. Sergio Herrera

OnFire's response: What's good? I've been trying to reach out to Lou DiBella to confirm if this is true or not but to no avail. I in turn reached out to one of his fighters who did not hear anything of this sort. At this point I cannot tell you if this is true or not. Quartey was an exciting fighter with a peek-a-boo defense and one hell of a jab. He seemed to dissappear after his two loses back to back against DLH and Vargas. Though I thought he edged out DLH in their fight. Ike would have to come back and prove again that he belongs in the same ring with Felix Trinidad. Not everyone can come back from a long lay off and look as good as Tito did. Would I like to see him back and in there with the top fighters? Sure. But only if he has been doing the right thing. Wouldn't want to see him return and get hurt. Trinidad needs Bernard Hopkins to become champ and to erase the memory of that lose to him. I don't think he needs him in any monetary way. Tarver would be a tough fight for Hopkins and he does have other lucrative options. Not Trinidad money but big money none the less. I think Tito, Don King and Senor' Don Felix all want the fight. I just believe that they are going to be nonchalant about it as I mentioned an in earlier mailbag. The fight has to happen. maybe not right now but in the near future. Doesn't matter where the fight is broadcasted, just make it happen. Diego Corrales is out to prove that he is the truth and taking on Jose Luis Castillo isn't a lie. That's barnburner, fight of the year candidate. For sure. I agree in regards to Taylor being to much for Joppy at this time. Seems like Howard Eastman is the avoided cowboy in the wild, wild, west. He had a good showing with Joppy, Maybe winning to some. There is a high possibility that you will see Hopkins-Sturm and most believe that he beat Oscar anyway. Jones is done.

Do you think it wise for a writer to challenge a professional boxer, especially one of Toney's temperament, even if it is only a joke?? Also, what do you think of a Tarver-Hopkins fight? I know both are your boys, but I would have to take Bernard...I really think that Glen Johnson showed that Jones was ripe for the taking. Thanks, Bob

OnFire's response: Hey, to each his own. If he feels deep in his heart that he can stay in there with James Toney for 3 rounds I believe him. We don't know what this guys pedigree is. Maybe we'll get Toney on Boxingtalk and have him respond to the challenge either way. I mean, James Toney is always talking about smacking someone or going to his car and coming back to do worst. Now is his time to try to beat on that someone and possibly get the KO he didn't get against Booker. Tarver equals slick, counter-punching southpaw who's bigger and stronger especially at 175lbs. I think Tarver made him ripe for the taking.

What Up ONFIRE!!!!!!!!!!! Bout time greg let you back on the mailbag. But yo, I got two quick questions. First are the WBC ratings a crock or what? Tito is the #1 middleweight???? De La Hoya is the #1 junior middleweight???? What's going on in the world??????? Tito hasn't fought any legitimate middleweights, and I'm a big as any DLH fan you can find but even I smell something fishy. Also Tito talks about how he wont fight DLH, but who is left for him to fight???? Now that the rankings are up DLH is first in line to get a shot at the Wright/Mosely winner, and as long as Hopkins is around Tito will never be king at middleweight. If DLH doesn't retire he's got soooo many options, because he's got more money than Tito and he can lure the fighters into a fight with him based on promises of DOE! Tito cant do that. So unless Tito wants B-Hop to send him back into retirement, he better fight DLH. Sure Tito can fight Cory Spinks, but that's not a good match-up because Cory would have to come up in weight and Tito hits harder than anyone he has ever faced, it would be ugly for Cory to fight Tito. Also what's up with Mayorga I heard he is retiring, is that true???? Tee, Baltimore

OnFire's response: What's good Tee? As you say I'm back in the building. Greg let me loose once again and I'm loving it. This is Greg's baby so I only babysit once in a while. But when not doing mailbags you can bet that I'm grinding in some other ways to make the site a better place for members. These rankings can sometimes be crazy and I'm sure someone (wink,wink) will expose them for what they really are. Maybe they want it so that DLH and Trinidad will fight in some way or another for none other than a WBC title. Tito fought Joppy who was a natural middleweight. They can say all they want, the Trinidad's have DLH in their plans. Boy, I'll tell you what the winner of Wright-Mosley will have alot of options. Good for them. Whoever wins, they both do deserve it. We will see Oscar back and it should be interesting. Cory Spinks has a style that can fustrate Tito's style. We all know he won't be able to hurt Trinidad and that may or may not be his downfall. As a fan I'll take that fight. I haven't gotten a chance to speak to Mayorga or his people but the word out is that he is retired. He'll be back.

Many people were comparing the Trinidad vs. Mayorga fight to Hagler and Sugar Ray because of the excitement, but honestly i just didn't feel the same intensity i felt when Mayorga beat Forrest ....Am i right??? Could it be that Mayorga just executes best at 147 lbs.????? Regardless i know Mayorga wus gonna  get hit but i just didn't see him on fire. I heard the man is retiring i guess really the ambition just isn't there anymore. Love your site--keep us posted on Mayorga's next step ..thx — TICO

OnFire's response: Don't you mean Hagler-Hearns? Either way to answer your question, Hell no. The intensity was there big time for Trinidad-Mayorga and I don't think the fact that I was there was the reason. Mayorga stuck in there until the final moment. He took alot of punishment but he always looked to throw back. Moving down to 147lbs-154lbs would do him good with that horse playing and power. Mayorga came in looking like a match. Tito blew out the flame. He'll be back and we'll keep you up to date.

I just read your interview w/ Hopkins and to tell you the truth he sounds like a jellous fool talking. He's obviously upset because Trinadad is back in boxing in a big way. Listen Papa Trinadad sounds a little arrogant but the truth of the matter is besides Oscar, Hopkins will not make good money fighting anyone else besides Tito and I gaurantee you that no matter who Tito fights it's 10 million or better. Is it right no but unfortunately Hopkins will never command the money that Tito or Oscar does and thats the bottom line. Thats the first thing now what the hell is he talking about when he sais his PPV fight w/ Oscar did better than Tito and Mayorga, does he think for a minute that him and Oscar did those numbers because of him(hahahahahaha...). Tell Hopkins the only reason why him and Delohoya did a million is because of the Golden Boy and not his ass. This idiot could not even sell out his own hometown in Philidelphia when he fought there. So if he thinks he's gonna get 80% to Tito's 20% he needs to stop smoking that shit because it will never happen. Trinadad is on top of the boxing world right now and thats the way it is. Also tell Hopkins that if he thinks Tito would get his ass whooped against Oscar at 160 he must be crazy because i'll guarantee you that if that fight happens Oscar would get knocked out 10 times worse than what he did to him. Tito is not the same fighter Oscar fought at 147 believe me. I'm telling you now I respect Hopkins to the fullest because he is a great champion but make no mistake about it when the rematch happens between him and Tito, Trinadad is going to knock his ass out I guarantee you. Tito is not the same fighter and Hopkins knows it thats why you here Hopkins talking crazy because he knows Tito is the only man from 147 to 160 who has a chance to beat him and he will. Once Hops gets his 20th against Sturm a fight he'll be lucky to get 3million and Tito beats Winky(by the way that fight will happen after Wink beats Mosely again) Tito will be gunning for him and will give Hopkins his first lost in 12years in brutal fashion. Remember where "YOU" heard it first.  Mark

OnFire's response: Why would Bernard Hopkins be jealous of a guy he knocked out and made quit boxing for 2 and a half years? Yes, I agree, Trinidad is back in a big way but is it like the Undisputed Middleweight Champion way? Maybe the Trindad's leaving Hopkins' name out of the mix will force a Hopkins-DLH rematch. There's money in that for Hopkins. The bottom line is that Trinidad-DLH is the highest grossing non-heavyweight fight period. That should say it all. Hopkins-Trinidad would defenitely be a different fight. Do I think the outcome would be different? I'm not sure. Tito looked great for a guy coming off a 2 and a half year lay-off but only time will tell. I heard it.

Man Greg really pissed that old head over at ringtalk off. Dude just used a full paragraph, which is about half of his daily content, to call for people to cancel their subscriptions to boxingtalk. Damn you Greg! LOL! You gave away the finalists to the contender! Now boxing as a sport is over. You just gave away the finalists to the four remaining people who actually tuned in to the show, and now boxing will never have crossover appeal! Hahah! Maybe if Mr. One Liner with the half assed site, would start reporting on boxing instead of bashing the Sugarmans wife, he could get a few readers of his own and wouldn't have to hate on the best site on the net! Just wanted to keep you on the up and up since you probably don't have time to check out any other sites. P.S. TITO, TITO, TITO.......................Look out Jack O' Lantern, I mean Bernard. Later!

OnFire's response: Better to be pissed off than pissed on, don't you think? I spoke with G. Leon and he told me that it's obvious this person is jealous of him. I'm sure Greg doesn't stress that. He laughs at it, brushes his shoulders off and keeps it moving. Could it be that he doesn't want people to see the facts coming from Jin Mosley? Hmmm. Your boy is back. Viva Puerto Rico as Don King would say.

What did Don Felix mean when he said if you don't know what is going on behind the scenes it is not his place to tell you? What is going on behind the scenes? Are the trying to make the fight? Is Don saying no? What did he mean? I know one thing though, and I am, and was a HUGE Tito fan, but he absolutely HAS TO FIGHT BERNARD!!! No question about it, Tito is a great fighter, but how long can he fight other fighters without mentioning the man who completely dominated him and knocked him out? Is he just going to fight forever as a a contender, and never challenge for the crown? There are no belts out there for him, and forget whatever belt he just won, he should be ashamed to show that to anyone, it is not a belt. Anyway, Tito is the man, he is a/the star, but he has to fight Bernard, he will only diminish himself in his comeback, if he continues to fight others, while in Hopkins weight class, without challenging him. That will say that he knows he can't beat Hopkins, and doesn't want to attempt it. I think they should just do a 50/50 purse split, because Hopkins can't make that kind of money almost anywhere else, except for moving up in weight possibly. 80/20 isn't going to happen, and I don't think Hopkins was serious about that, Hopkins doesn't need Tito, that is correct, but that would be another superfight for Hopkins, and that is what he needs.  JB

OnFire's response: Maybe he means that Tito is with Don King and that's the only way they are going to do business is through King. Hopkins does not want to deal with King. Hopkins wants the fight but will he deal with Don? Tito won't deal without the Don. He has to fight Bernard if he wants to erase the lose from people's memory. Trinidad will take another fight or two and again, only time will tell. Tito looked good for a guy coming off a lay-off but Mayorga did hit him with alot of right hands. The fight has to happen, but will it ?

I gotta tell you that I have a love / hate type of view on B-HOP. While I think that he is a tremendous fighter, a shoe in as a hall of famer and probably one of the top 5 middleweights of all time (Hagler, Monzon, Ketchel, Robinson), I just hate his attitude. Why does he have to start disrespecting people like that. When the Trinidad's suggested that they don't need him, they didn't attack him personally the way he does with them. I totally disagree with his assessment that Oscar would tear Tito up at 160. Just because Oscar helped him get a $10 mil payday doesn't mean that he has to stroke DLH on this one. I honestly do not believe that Hopkins can get that type of a payday again without fighting DLH (who wants to see that again), Trinidad or maybe Tarver. And by the way, him fighting Oscar is what filled up the MGM....I was there.

OnFire's response: People have different ways to express themselves and Hopkins is one of a kind when it comes to it. I don't know that Tito destroys Oscar at 160 either. Styles make fights. And the Golden Boy has that style. But Hopkins is intitled to his opinion. Shii, I thought Trinidad would beat Hopkins and I was dead wrong but I was entitled to that at least. I'll take Hopkins-DLH again. Why not? Tarver may pay but the risk is higher. Yes, I'm sure. Oscar could not have done it alone.

What's shaken , man BoxingTalk has been doing it BIG lately, good to know that my favorite site is just getting better by the day. I just wanted to drop a line and say I feel Cory Spinks should definitely face Zab Judah in his next fight. His manager practically guaranteed it and now they want to state Zab is not a big money fighter. Well Mr. Spinks I don't think you are either! (No Disrepect, because he is truly a great boxing talent) That's what happens with these cats, they say they want to fight the best in order to put themselves in the rare position of being a big money fight generator and once they make it, they forget about those guys behind them trying to do the same thang. And personally, I dont' think Cory has made it to the point where he is a PPV attraction and fighting Tito and middleweight could be a big mistake. For some reason I feel that this could be a Trinidad vs. Reid affair and I know you get my drift. I want to see a rematch between Spinks and Judah. Cause I think if Zab actually comes to fight, he'll knock Cory out in 8. But I also think Cory could just beat him up for 12 rounds too so this fight would be great for boxing and upgrade both of their status as exciting fighters. Oh yeah before I forget, what's the next big fight? Keep on rep'ing for the most knowledge fans in the world here on  AJ Member Since April 2004

OnFire's response: All good. Thanks for the props and we going to continue to drop it BIG. Cory Spinks wants to fight a BIG fight and he believes Trinidad is the BIG guy he can beat. Zab Judah may be a money fight but Trinidad is the BIGger money fight. True, but he is the Undisputed Welterweight Champion. Does that not mean anything anymore? Honestly, I don't think they should worry about another fighter coming behind them when they can still make leaps in their own career. I think a Judah rematch against Spinks would be a good fight. And a different one. I'll take either fight, either way. Nov 6th Kostya Tszyu-Sharmba Mitchell on Showtime PPV.

The reason I joined your site was because I respect your information. As far as "The Contender" do you know the names of the other contestants. It would be nice to be able to research there records etc.. The ones you mentioned look like they are No Joke. This is not going to be another Oscar Tough man Contest. I also noticed in the S.I article on Tito vs. Mayorga that they moved the show to Jan. like you stated but there were many leaks on the show. Do you feel that you information might be a smoke screen to divert from the real winners. Any information on the other fighters is appreciated.  Brian

OnFire's response: From what I gathered Jesse Brinkley, Anthony Bonsante and an Arab kid from Michigan are among the mix. Several others who I can't recall.

Why would you post the finalists of the Contender on your site. I was pretty hyped to watch this show, but now that I know that Ishe Smith got kicked off early and now I also now who the finalists are, what is the point of watching the program? The whole point of watching a show on television or watching a boxing match is to find out what happens. With the information you give plain as day on your site, I already know what happens. It's like taping a boxing match that you plan on watching the next day only to have one of your buddy's tell you who won before you get a chance to watch the fight. If anyone should know this it is you. Please respond to this because I am dying to know why you would post information like this.

OnFire's response: I was looking forward to the Contender as well. I tried out for the show. When a reporter gets info they are going to report it. Next time I'm sure things like that would be labeled Spoiler or something. There is a very slim chance that the info is wrong.


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