McKart wants to test Mora

By Alex Stone


McKart wants to test Mora

Calls Sergio "The Latin Fake"

Boxingtalk caught up with middleweight Bronco “Superman” McKart, 48-7 with 31 KOs. McKart suffered some setbacks in 2006 but is ready to erase it all and return to prominence in the division in 2007. You don’t want to miss what “Superman” has to say about Sergio Mora, who McKart refers to as “The Latin Fake.”

BT: What’s good Bronco?
BM: I’ve been keeping busy man, I’m going to be fighting back to back on February 24, and then again on March 3. I don’t know who I’m fighting yet but there will be a show. I’ve been training, doing the mitts and hitting the bag, and keeping my weight down. Next week I’ll begin sparring sessions.

BT: Alright, so word on the street is that you’ve been itching to call out Sergio Mora. Does this rumor hold true?
BM: Absolutely, that guys a phony. I read all these stories about him and a possible fight with Jermain Taylor, but honestly, what has he ever done besides get a gift decision against Peter Manfredo Jr.? He lost that fight! He comes out and says he want’s to fight Vargas, and Wright, and Taylor. That’s a joke. Do you have any idea what those guys would do to him? Against Taylor, he’d be lucky to last three rounds. I figure it like this, if this guy thinks he’s legit, I’ll be more than happy to take him to school and show him what the next level is all about.

BT: So you don’t think he’s as good as he’s made out to be?
BM: Definitely not. I mean don’t get me wrong The Contender is a great show and it’s great for boxing. But honestly, how can you go from winning a couple of five and seven round fights, and then come and talk about getting a title shot? That’s just plain ridiculous.

BT: Why do you think you can beat Mora?
BM: Well besides the obvious advantage I have as far as experience, I have seen him fight, and he makes some major mistakes that I as a southpaw could easily capitalize on. The way he leans and moves all weird, please, I would eat him up in a second.

BT: Bronco you’ve lost two of your last three fights, and although to tough, undefeated opposition (Kelly Pavlik, and Travis Simms) would you take a tune up fight before taking on the undefeated Mora?
BM: Well like I said I’m going to fight on February 24, and if everything goes smoothly I’ll fight again March 10. If all goes well then I will go after Mora.

BT: You’ve been in the ring with a long list of world-class opposition. So why now have you decided to call out Sergio Mora of all people?
BM: That’s a very good question. I called out Fernando Vargas for years and he never wanted to fight. The way I see it is that in this day and age, most of the mainstream fighters at my weight are old and washed up. Mora on the other hand, has been extremely hyped up by the Contender people and the public has bought into it. I hear them talking about it on ESPN, about Mora possibly getting a title shot against Taylor soon, but everyone knows he’s not ready for that. My plan is to take my tune-ups, then destroy Mora and get back into the mix in the middleweight division.

BT: Is there anything you’d like to say in closing?
BM: I just want to say that I’ve been waiting for ’07. I had a lot of setbacks in ’06 but now I’m really excited. Be on the lookout, because I’m going to do something big this year.


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