McBride focused on Golota


McBride focused on Golota

PRESS RELEASE: Irish heavyweight Kevin “The Clones Colossus” McBride has broken his Vero Beach (FL) training camp and arrived today (Monday, Oct. 1) in New York City for his crossroads fight Saturday night against  Andrew Golota at Madison Square Garden.

McBride (34-5-1, 29 KOs), born in Clones and fighting out of Boston, landed in the Big Apple, where he will be fighting for the first time, along with his new manager, Jerry “Mighty” Quinn, and new trainer, former 2-time world champion James “Buddy” McGirt.

Despite rumors that Golota was going to replace injured WBC champion Oleg Maskaev as Samuel Peter’s opponent in the main event, as well as the possibility of the entire show being cancelled without Maskaev fighting, McBride remained fully focused on Golota, determined to continue his nearly lifelong journey to become the first Ireland-born heavyweight champion of the world.

“I have a good manager, Jerry Quinn, who told me to keep training for the Golota fight no matter, what,” McBride said. “I kept training to fight him, but I would have been prepared to fight anybody they put in the ring with me on October 6th. I didn’t really know what was going on. I don’t worry about that stuff anymore, Jerry takes care of that, and I just train and fight. I wanted Andrew Golota all along. We’re in a legitimate fight for the IBF North American title. I want to show the world I’m back. I’m going to retire Andrew Golota like I did Mike Tyson. Kevin Martin McBride is the modern day James J. Braddock (“Cinderella Man”).

“Training camp was more positive than any I’ve been in. I’ve increased my speed. I’m more confident now and looking forward to fighting Golota in Madison Square Garden. Buddy’s all business. He taught me everyday. It was a very good camp. Everybody’s going to see what I’ve learned on October 6th. I have to win and I’ve trained hard all of this time to prove that I’m a contender. I like the Polish but I’m going to defeat their hero. I’m bigger and stronger than I was for Tyson. Everybody’s read the signs on the highway – Speed Kills. I’ve increased my strength and speed. Speed is power. Either of my hands is an equalizer. Now, all of the talk is done, and it’s time for action. I will knockout Andrew Golota and eventually fulfill my dream of becoming the first Ireland-born heavyweight champion of the world.”
Quinn went back-and-forth from Boston to Vero Beach during September and, when he wasn’t with McBride, Jerry talked to him on the phone. “Honestly,” Jerry offered, “I never mentioned anything to him about the rumors of Golota fighting Peter. I wanted Kevin to keep his head straight and not take anything away from training. I had faith that the show was on and Kevin would be fighting Golota because I didn’t hear anything to the contrary from Don King’s people. The fight against Golota was always on as far as we were concerned. I checked with Buddy about a Plan B and we decided to just continue training for Golota. Buddy said that even if Golota was going to fight Peter, regardless, Kevin should fight anybody they put in against him so everybody could see what he can do. Kevin’s a much different fighter than he was in his last fight and we want people to see for themselves.
“We’ve wanted a fight since Kevin started training last November and that’s why we wanted Kevin to fight October 6th, even if it was against Golota. We want Golota because of his name and what a win against him will mean for Kevin, but we also wanted Kevin fighting as soon as possible to see the changes in him. I was a little concerned (about losing Golota as an opponent), but I’ve seen how much stronger Kevin has gotten, mentally and physically. He’s relaxed and has been doing all of the right things. There’s no pressure on him to do anything but get ready for this fight.”