Mayweather advisor speaks on Baldomir fights, tells De La Hoya that Floyd is what he has never been!

By G. Leon


Mayweather advisor speaks on Baldomir fights, tells De La Hoya that Floyd is what he has never been!

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on the coast to coast press tour for Floyd's November 4 battle with Carlos Baldomir? "It was a very busy time and we went to New York and Los Angeles to promote the fight. As I've said all along this is the fight that the fans want to see, the best fighter in the world against the true welterweight champion."
GL: What do you find to be the most intriguing storyline behind this fight?

LE:: You have two fighters combined who haven't lost in the last 18 years.  Carlos Baldomir has proven that he can go into an opposing opponent's backyard and take care of business. This was clearly evident when he became the undisputed welterweight champion against Judah in New York and then he came back a few months later and stopped Gatti in Atlantic City in a very exciting fight.  Floyd's definitely not taking Baldomir lightly because his work speaks for itself."
GL: Where will Floyd be training for this fight?
LE: He will be training in Las Vegas. Camp will officially start next week, but Floyd keeps himself in shape year round because he takes his job extremely serious.
GL: Baldomir will probably enter the ring as a middleweight. He's the biggest fighter Floyd has ever faced, does his weight advantage concern you? And will Floyd have to be at his best for this fight to make sure Baldomir's strength and size don't tell the story?

LE: "It is obviously a concern because on fight night Baldomir will probably out-weigh Floyd by 20 pounds. We're expecting him to come into the ring between 165 and 170. But really what it's going to come down to is ring smarts and who wants it the most. Baldomir's  greatest asset is he's coming in with a great deal of confidence due to what he's done in New York City and Atlantic City. He's not coming to Vegas thinking he's going to win, he's coming to Vegas expecting to win.  He and his camp are so confident they've already started having preliminary talks about fighting Shane Mosely after he defeats Floyd.  To me that a total sign of disrepect to Floyd and his accomplishments in the sport.  His team must have Floyd mixed up with Judah and Gatti but Floyd will handle that business in the ring come 4 Nov.
GL: After saying that it was Mayweather or bust as it relates to his final fight, Oscar De La Hoya, has suddenly brought Felix Trinidad's name to the mix. In a recent interview (with Coyote Duran) he talked down on Floyd as a fighter and PPV draw and seems to have questioned Floyd's status. Are you aware of these remarks and what are your thoughts on them?
LE: "I heard about them, but if we don't read it on Boxingtalk we don't really know if Oscar said it directly. But regardless our focus is on Carlos Baldomir 100% because he is Floyd's biggest challenge to date. We're not thinking about Oscar De La Hoya at all, this is the Floyd Mayweather show. Floyd is setting an example for all other fighters when it comes to taking care of his own business.  He's the premier fighter in the world and everyone wants to fight him and that's truly a blessing.  Oscar and Richard Schaefer are two great businessman and I'm sure they're going to do what they feel is best for their company. They could fight Trinidad, last I looked, even with Trinidad once being a great fighter, he was last seen getting dominated from pillar to post for twelve rounds by Winky Wright . Trinidad didn't win a round in that fight and Floyd is undefeated and in his prime, but if those are the kind of business decisions Oscar and Richard want to make, so be it. Nobody is chasing Oscar. If the fight ever happens it would be the Super Bowl of boxing and be great for the sport but like I said this is about the Floyd Mayweather show. Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid active fighter, other than Oscar in the sport. Floyd is going to bring big numbers to the table regardless of who he fights because there are a number of truly exciting PPV fights we have lined up.  I found it disrespectful for Oscar to ask who is Floyd Mayweather? Oscar is a great champion and been perhaps the biggest attraction in the sport and my comment on that is Floyd Mayweather is the best fighter in the world something Oscar never has been.   It don't matter what weight they fought at if the fight ever came off,  Oscar could never beat Floyd at any weight.  It's no secret Oscar is one and done, but Floyd is the face of boxing now and will continue to be over the next 5 to 6 years and that's with all due respect to Oscar. 
GL: Do you think Mayweather-Baldomir generates more PPV buys than the 370,000 Mayweather-Judah did?

LE: "Most definitely. I think this is a very big fight, it's a fight that the fans have wanted to see. Baldomir brings a tremendous challenge, he's a big strong hardnosed welterweight and he's coming in with a lot of confidence. Confidence plays a major rolel when it comes to how a guy will perform because he's going to lay it on the line. Baldomir knows what he's up against and Floyd know what he's up against and Floyd knows he has to be at his absolute best to beat Baldomir."
GL: Since you're expecting Baldomir to come in 20 pounds heavier come fight night, does that mean he's going to be sparring middleweights?
LE: "Without getting into the secrets of our preparation, Floyd  will be prepared for whatever Baldomir brings to the table. Floyd's  looking forward to putting on a spectacular performance come November 4 and doing bigger and better things in the future. Floyd's job is to take care of his business in the ring and Team Mayweather's job to take care of business outside the ring.
GL: Are you concerned that Roger will not be working the corner?
LE: "Not at all. Floyd is a fighter who has been in the fight game for over 20 years. He's been around boxing since he was three years old.  He learned a great deal at an early age from his dad, Roger and Jeff.  To be honest he knows more about boxing than 99% of the trainers in boxing today. We have a great team around us, myself and Rafael Garcia have been working in his corner for the last eight years and we have a tremendous game plan going into this fight. Roger will formulate the game plan and we'll take it from there.  Baldomir is the one who is going to have to worry about what Floyd Mayweather brings to the table because Floyd is the best fighter in the world and can adapt to any style that's out there."
GL: Do you think Floyd will stop him?
LE: "I don't see Baldomir going twelve rounds with Floyd."
GL: Does that mean that Floyd is going to be doing a lot of body work because neither Judah nor Gatti were all that successful hitting him to the head?
LE: Without revealing our game plan, we're going to test Baldomir and test him early and often to see what kind of heart he has. This is the biggest fight of Floyd career thus far because when you're sitting on top of the throne everyone comes to fight and they're definitely bringing their A game."
GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?
LE: "Boxingtalk is #1 so stay tuned for some exclusive Floyd Mayweather training footage coming soon, only on Boxingtalk. If you can't make it to Vegas on November 4, make sure you order the fight on PPV because this is going to be a historic night of boxing that you're not going to want to miss.