Mayweather advisor pulls no punches

By G. Leon


Mayweather advisor pulls no punches

GL: It's been a while since you've been on the record. What's the latest Leonard? Following Miguel Cotto's victory over Zab Judah, Mayweather-Cotto seems to be on the tip of many boxing fans tongues.  "Cotto is a very good young fighter, and his promoter has done a good job of building him thus far, but he's not even in the same stratosphere as Floyd. His fight with Zab was a very exciting fight, a fight of the year candidate.  The truth is, it was a regional fight that did very well in the New York and Puerto Rican markets but I'd be surprised if the fight did 150,000 buys.  You can bet his promoter won't be putting out a press release on how many buys the fight did,instead they will say to everyone who will listen that Cotto is star and Floyd is scared to fight him which is a joke." 

GL: Zab told me he feels the low blows played a major role in hindering his performance. How do you feel about that?
LE:  I think the low blows took a lot out of him, but I think Zab being off for so long also made a big difference.  If Zab would have gotten a real tune up in, he probably would have knocked Cotto out early. I take nothing away from Cotto, because he did his thing, but Zab had been off because of the suspension for over 15 months and Cotto had fought probably 3 times since last year.  Both guys displayed enormous heart in a very exciting fight.  In a couple of fights Zab will be right back in the mix.
GL: Floyd has been on a couple of chats recently and he's made it clear that he will stay retired unless a De La Hoya rematch gets made. How do you feel about his position and should he be making fights with Shane Mosley and Miguel Cotto?
LE:  Floyd has a number of things he's involved in outside of boxing. He's doing alot of business with corporate America and taking the Mayweather brand to another level.  He's in the concert business now, he's promoting Beyonce's tour with his first date August 17 in Detroit, followed by August 25 at the MGM.   He has his own beverage coming  out soon, Mayweather Promotions will be launching soon and he's also got a couple of major movie deals on the table.  The Floyd Mayweather Foundation also was just formed so he's very excited about making the transition. 
GL: As Floyd's advisor would you advise him to retire after winning the biggest fight of his career? Do you think that's in his best fiscal interest?

LE: That's Floyd's decision because he's the only one who has to get up and get into the ring to do what he does.   He's accomplised everything he's set out to accomplish, he's been boxing for over 20 years now. Fighters have to push their minds and bodies to unbelievable limits and to be on top of your game for a decade and be the best fighter of your era is truly remarkable.
GL: As retired as Floyd is, if Shane Mosley were willing to make a fight according to Team Mayweather's terms, is there any chance that fights takes place?

LE: I have a tremendous amount of respect for Shane because he's accomplished alot in his career, but it's funny all of a sudden how he wants to come to the table now.  He's had a number of opportunities to step up and he chose not to, as recent as last November.  Before he came back to welterweight to fight Estrada and Cruz he had the opportunity but he needed tune-ups to get comfortable with the weight, there have been a number of excuses but the only reason he's calling him out now is because there's nowhere else for him to make the kind of money he's seeking.  He took a fight in February with Collazo
and I would be surprized if he made 2 million dollars because he didn't sell 4,000 tickets at the Mandalay Bay.  What he should have been doing is listening to Oscar and Richard. 
GL: If Floyd is retired why would he fight Oscar again?
LE: Floyd has said all along Oscar De La Hoya would be his last opponent.  Oscar has come out recently and said he didn't want a rematch, which is fine by Floyd.  Now all of sudden he mysteriously had rotator cuff injuries coming into fight, which I'm assuming is the reason he lost and this was after telling all the fans this is the first time he's come into a fight injury free in a long time.  Truth be told, he lost to a much smaller fighter whom he outweighed by at least 15 pounds on fight night and he could never beat Floyd no matter how many times they fought.  He's had a terrific career and he wants to go out with a win, and the only way he can do that is to fight a lesser
GL: As a businessman I understand the logic of the De La Hoya rematch, but the die hard fans who email Boxingtalk seem to want to see Mayweather add Mosley, Cotto and MArgarito to his ledger before retiring.

LE: What those guys need to do is fight each other.  Floyd's legacy is already cemented.  He's won six titles in five different weight divisions in less than nine years while remaining undefeated.  What other fighter in the history of the sport has done that?  We appreciate the fans support because without the true die hard fans none of this would have been possible.