Mayweather Sr. speaks on upcoming Dawson & Ali bouts

By. Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Mayweather Sr. speaks on upcoming Dawson & Ali bouts

“Chad shouldn’t have any problems with this guy (Adamek)”

Last week sometime, in the mix of all the De La Hoya May 5th trainer talks, spoke with Floyd Mayweather Sr. to get his thoughts two other fighters he currently trains in undefeated “Bad” Chad Dawson 23-0(15) who will attempt to show the world he can hang with the big boys, when he challenges current undefeated WBC Light Heavyweight champion Tomasz Adamek 31-0(21) on February 3rd live on Showtime championship boxing. The other fighter being, none other than woman’s boxing standout Laila “She Bee Stringin’” Ali 23-0(20).

RC: Big Floyd, you are currently training Chad Dawson, who will be looking to win his first world title on February 3rd, when he faces WBC Lightweight champion Tomasz Adamek, give us your thoughts?
FMSR: Well not only does Chas Dawson fights that day, but Leila (Ali) fights that day too. So I am just going to get Chad Dawson ready because I already promised Leila first that I was going to go with her for her fight.

RC: So on February 3rd, you wont be in Chad Dawson’s corner?
FMSR: No I wont, I will be with Leila with her for her fight.

RC: Who will be filling in for you on the 3rd Dawson’s corner?
FMSR: Mustafa Muhammad

RC: I recently spoke to Chad Dawson and he told me that he loves what you have been teaching him in the gym and that you are the best trainer he has ever…
FMSR: (Cutting in) Let me tell you something I am a better trainer than these other guys. Believe me I am not even a trainer that trains left-handed fighters. I don’t usually train left-handed fighters.

RC: Tell us how has been working with Chad Dawson who is a southpaw?
FMSR: I have worked with Southpaws and they have won. But being in there with Chad Dawson on the regular, it is kind of getting me use to working with southpaws too. I tell you one thing about Chad Dawson in this fight; he has a really good chance. The only thing he needs to do more of is run. If he runs he is going to win the fight. I am not even worried about him whopping the guy. As long as he is in there he is going to whoop him.

If he runs the miles he is going to be all right. I am a defensive trainer, but it takes offense to win a fight so I know how to do both of them so don’t get me wrong…but overall defensively I am the best in the game. I teach offense also to win a fight, because you just cant win with defense. But Chad Dawson is getting much better with his defense and much better with his offense. He is a good student, and he listens pretty good, and come February 3rd he will be all right.

RC: So I take it you like his changes to win the WBC Light Heavyweight title on February 3rd?
FMSR: He has a GOOD Chance; I am trying to tell you he is going to win if he runs good, he shouldn’t have any problems

RC: What is your take on his opponent Tomasz Adamek?
FMSR: That guy I only seen him once.  I didn’t get a chance to really view him that good, but the guy is basic to me, he doesn’t throw body shots too much. He is pretty much a headhunter. But he moves on his feet though. Like I have been telling Chad he has to keep his jab pumping in his face and keep him backing up, and he is going to be all right. When you got your jab going, your jab is your offensive weapon and your defensive weapon. You can beat a guy up with it and you can keep a guy off of you with it. As long as you got your jab working for you man, everything will be all right. It brings on the right hand, the left hook, the uppercut, everything. The combinations come right behind the jab, so the jab is the number one punch in boxing. That’s what I have been showing him

RC: How has Laila been looking in preparation for her bout in South Africa?
FMSR: Well Laila is Laila Ali; my thing is she will whoop all of them girls. People talk about Ann Wolfe. I call her Man Wolf. So whenever they want to hook Laila and Man wolf up, we are going to take care of our business… steal the case…and run our place, and that’s at the top.


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