Mayorga Conference Call Transcript


Mayorga Conference Call Transcript

RICARDO MAYORGA:  I was a great champion at the welterweight level winning two or three titles.  I went to the middleweight division, skipping 154 lb., although I did make one fight there.  I think my history as a welterweight and the decision to go to 154 lb. Is sufficient enough to give me a shot at the title.

Thank God that my problems outside of the ring are pretty much solved.  My attorney has been taking care of everything and by his advice, I am concentrating totally on the fight and leaving the rest to my attorney.

At this point there is nothing going on outside of the ring.  The one thing – the rape charges, I have gotten vindicated of all charges.  They are trying to reopen the case but eventually it will die out.

Piccirillo fights outside – what will be your strategy for the fight?

RICARDO MAYORGA:  I am doing great work with my trainer, Yoel Judah, and we are anticipating that what type of fight will develop.  We are planning for all types that he might bring to the ring.

Yoel Judah:  Ricardo is a strong fighter and we are making a few adjustments with his feet and head movement and his angles - pivoting and all of that kind of stuff.  His offense is great.  I am trying to hold back on his offense.  We are getting the defense down.  I don’t think Piccirillo will be a problem for him.

RICARDO MAYORGA:  I have seen tapes of this guy – about six of his fights - and I really don’t have a high opinion of him.  I don’t think he is going to be able to withstand my pressure and I am going to be able to run right over

In my opinion I can just look at his record.  Basically he is fighting guys that are stepping on grapes to make wine.  He has not fought a guy of my caliber and you will see that when I knock him out in two rounds.

Did you learn anything from the Trinidad fight?

RICARDO MAYORGA:  To begin with, I don’t believe I made an error in fighting him.  Everyone takes a calculated risk.  I took a calculated risk to move up to the middleweight division to see what I had.  It was a little too much weight for me but I am not using that as an excuse.  It was a mad night for me and I don’t take anything away from Trinidad.  Now I am at the junior
middleweight division which is a weight that I am real comfortable with.

I think if I had better training and better conditioning I think I would have had a better fight.  However, I had issues outside the ring that didn’t allow me to concentrate for the fight.  I had the car accident and the charges that were brought against me.  My head was not in the fight that night.  But I want to repeat, I am not making excuses, but it was a bad night for me.

Working with Yoel Judah:

RICARDO MAYORGA:  I am doing good work with him and my chief second and things are going well.  Yoel is helping me out punching the mitts under the direction of Luis Colon, my other trainer and brother-in-law.

Without a doubt, Yoel has shown me a lot of defensive techniques.  I have picked up a lot of wisdom from him and I have nothing bad to say about him – only good.

Working with Ricardo Mayorga?

YOEL JUDAH:  I can’t convey everything I want to.  Ricardo has been picking things up very well and is very receptive.  Everything I tell him to do he does it.  Personally, and I will say it again, he will not have a problem with Piccirillo.

Any changes in Ricardo?

YOEL JUDAH:  He’s not getting hit, number one.  For Piccirillo to land one or two, he’s really going to have to earn it now.  If he tries to hit him, he’s going to get hit.  He’s moving his hands and doing short pivots.  He’s getting low and staying behind his jab, putting his hands in front of his face.  He’s doing a lot of good things.  The first week or two was hard, but it’s like anything else, you have to keep going over and over it.  I do a lot of pad work and we do a lot of one-on-one off to the side.  We start off slow and quicken until we get to normal speed.  Everything I’ve taught him so far he’s done pretty good.

He loves it.  The things I’m showing him – he loves it.  He’s not getting hit and he’s hurting guys.  He’s a different fighter.  He’s going to be different and you can tell everybody that.

Ricardo is a very receptive guy and he picks up things well.  I’m just trying to show him little moves.  He’s a helluva puncher and he always been able to take a punch.  I’m showing how to throw a punch and how to throw all the punches without getting hit.  Mainly, I am working on defense because everything else…he’s in the ballpark with.  Power, speed, movement, and aggressiveness – he’s got everything.  Sometimes he likes to take two or three punches before getting on in.

Vargas or Castillejo?

RICARDO MAYORGA:  Obviously I would like to fight Vargas and I think he should beat Castillejo.  I want to face the better fighter.  I want Vargas to come to my fight.  In case he is low on cash I will pay for his ringside ticket on August 13th.  Once I win and do my job I expect him to do the same  and I think it would be a great fight.  I don’t think he’s man enough to  beat me but we’ll see what happens if he gets by Castillejo.