Margarito Ready for Mayweather, but He Ain't Beggin'

By Darren Nichols


Margarito Ready for Mayweather, but He Ain't Beggin'

"I know Floyd is scared to fight me, so I’m not going to be waiting around for Mayweather. I’m not going to beg him for this fight."

BoxingTalk:  Antonio, what are your thoughts about Bob Arum guaranteeing a minimum of $8 million for a fight between you and Floyd Mayweather on October 7th in Las Vegas? " I’m ready to fight Mayweather right now.  I’ve been ready to fight him since the fight was first offered to me.  It’s up to Mayweather to accept the fight and it’s up to Bob to make the fight happen."

BoxingTalk:  Do you see any reason why this fight can not be made?

Antonio Margarito:  I don’t feel there is any reason why I would not to take this fight.  I know Floyd is scared to fight me, so I’m not going to be waiting around for Mayweather. I’m not going to beg him for this fight.  Of course this fight can be made on my part, and I know Bob wants to make this fight, but it’s up to Floyd if he wants to fight me.  If he’s going to continue to be afraid of me and doubt himself, then he needs resolve those issues.

BoxingTalk:  What doubts do you feel Floyd has in fighting you?

Antonio Margarito:  He knows that I’m a natural welterweight, and he’s never fought anyone as big as me.  Since the fight with Oscar is off the table, Floyd is not going to make the money that he’ll make if he fights me.

BoxingTalk:  Based on Floyd’s recent performances and your recent wins, do you feel you have what it takes to defeat the fighter who is arguably the best in the world?

Antonio Margarito:  Definitely.  This is my time.  The money is always good and it’s always there, so this is my time to show the world who I am and that I’m the best.

BoxingTalk:  How do you feel you would be able to deal with Floyd’s amazing speed?

Antonio Margarito:  Floyd is quick, but I’ve seen him quicker at the lower weights.  He’s not as fast as he used to be, and I will have to pressure him and put my weight on him.  When I work his body we’ll see how long that speed lasts.

BoxingTalk:  What advantage do you believe you will have going into the ring with Mayweather?

Antonio Margarito:  The major advantages are that I’m bigger, stronger, I have a longer reach, and I will be fighting at my natural weight.

BoxingTalk:  If this fight is made, it will be said that if you had problems with fighters like Daniel Santos, how are you going to get past Mayweather.  How do you respond?

Antonio Margarito:  These are two different fighters with two different styles.  Santos was a southpaw while Mayweather fights orthodox.  Mayweather is coming up in weight while I was the one moving up in the Santos fight, so these are two different fights.

BoxingTalk:  If for some reason a fight with Mayweather can not be made, who could we as your next opponent?

Antonio Margarito:  If Mayweather wants to fight then I’ll fight him, but like I said before I am not going to beg him.  I could also fight Hatton and Baldomir, and I have a lot of trust in my promoter that things will work out.

BoxingTalk:  What would you like to say to your fans reading this on BoxingTalk?

Antonio Margarito:  First I want to thank you Darren for this interview, and I want to thank my fans for coming to BoxingTalk to follow my career.  If this fight with Mayweather and me happens, I will not you down, and you will see that when I knock him out.



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