Manuel Medina Speaks on Possible Fight with Famoso

By Darren Nichols


Manuel Medina Speaks on Possible Fight with Famoso

"Famoso might want to be careful in choosing me as his next opponent. I would make sure that this would be his retirement fight."

BoxingTalk:  Manuel, the last time we saw you in the ring was a couple months ago against Cassius Baloyi.  What have you been up to since that fight?

Manuel Medina: I’ve been training hard in the gym improving my style and conditioning.

BoxingTalk:  Your most recent win was last year against Kevin Kelley.  What do you feel you learned most from that fight?

Manuel Medina:  Kelley was a respectable opponent with a lot of experience, but I knew it was my own experience being in with some of the best opponents that got through that fight.

BoxingTalk:  Carlos “Famoso” Hernandez recently mentioned returning to the ring after taking a year off.  Both of you have been in the ring with some of the best this sport has to offer.  How do you feel a match-up with him would turn out?

Manuel Medina:  That would be a tremendous fight.  Famoso has been in with the top fighters today. Morales, Chavez, just to name a few.  I have fought Naseem Hamed and Johnny Tapia.  Putting us together in the ring would bring a tremendous amount of experience, and add to the great rivalry between Mexican and Salvadorian fighters.  Famoso might want to be careful in choosing me as his next opponent.  I would make sure that this would be his retirement fight.  If he wants to return to boxing with me, I would be his last opponent.  Kevin Kelley thought he’d use me for a title eliminator in his own backyard, and look what happened.  My results speak for themselves.

BoxingTalk:  With the exciting style that both you and Hernandez bring to the ring, what do you think a fight between you two would do for boxing?

Manuel Medina:  It would bring the two classics style to the fight.  He comes forward all the time and will stand toe-to-toe with you all night.  He is a warrior.  I’m more of a boxer-puncher, and more technical.  You would see two fighters with a lot of experience trying to impose their will on each other.

BoxingTalk:  What do you feel would be your biggest advantage entering the ring with Famoso?

Manuel Medina:  My mobility, my legs, and my movement inside the ring.  My technique helps me win my fights.  That has helped me maintain the level of fighters that I’ve fought in the past.

BoxingTalk:  When would you like to get back in the ring next?

Manuel Medina:  We’d be ready to fight in a month to a month in a half.  We’re ready for a war.

BoxingTalk:  Is there anything that would keep you from fighting Famoso as your next opponent?

Manuel Medina:  Nothing.  I have fought the biggest names before, and this would be another big fight for me.  Famoso would be another great name to put on my record.

BoxingTalk:  Do you have a message for Famoso and for the fans wanting to see this fight happen?

Medina:   I want Famoso to know that he’s fought tough Mexicans before, and I know it didn’t go his way.  He can try and use me to get that thorn out of his side.  The truth is that you’re not going to get anything but the best out of me and Carlos, and only the fans, who have supported me throughout my career, would be the sure winners in this match-up.


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