Manny Pacquiao to film Nike commercial

By Brad Cooney


Manny Pacquiao to film Nike commercial

Roach: Pacquiao will decide next opponent this week

BT – Freddie, first and foremost, what is this crazy rumor about Manny Pacquiao and Oscar De La Hoya fighting each other all about?

FR – When people ask me about it, I just tell them that when it's realistic we'll talk about it.  The size difference between the two guys is too much.  Personally I don't think the fight will ever happen.  They asked Oscar about the fight on television and he didn't say no (laughs).  We are concentrating more on Juan Manuel Marquez, David Diaz, or Juan Guzman.  Oscar?  I just don't see it. There is too much size difference between the two guys.

BT – If the unlikely scenario ever did happen, and De La Hoya and Pacquiao do fight, who would you end up training?

FR – I would train them both at the same time in the same camp (laughs).  When that fight ever becomes realistic then we'll talk about that.

BT – What are your thoughts on Juan Guzman's performance against Humberto Soto?

FR – He's a good boxer, but he can't punch that hard.  He's clever, and he's a little bit slick.  He's a good counter puncher.  I was impressed, he fought a great fight.  Last time I saw him fight it was a closer fight.  Soto just couldn't get on track, Guzman's movement was just too much for him.

BT – How do you think Manny would handle Guzman's movement?

FR – Well Guzman will give anyone a little trouble with his movement.  Let's wait for Guzman to get more popular before he gets a shot at Manny Pacquiao.  In the future I think it's a great fight, but right now we are focused on Juan Manuel Marquez.

BT – Is Marquez the front runner right now?

FR – It's the most logical, we fought to a draw last time.  If we don't fight Marquez next we could move up to 135 pounds and fight David Diaz.  People want to see the Marquez rematch, and Pacquiao wants to fight the best guys out there.  Manny will be in town tomorrow night to meet with Nike.  His brother Bobby fights on Friday, and Bob Arum will be there, so we will work out everything on Saturday.

BT – Marquez wants parity, will that be an issue with this fight being a done deal or not?

FR – That's not going to happen, that's how he blew his chance to fight Pacquiao last time.  There is no way we will give parity when Pacquiao is the draw.  90 percent of the people that will come to the fight will be Pacquiao fans.  Marquez is a great fighter, but he's a counter puncher, and he is a little bit boring sometimes.  The only time he looked really, really good is when he fought Pacquiao because Pacquiao made him fight.  I don't think Marquez has looked at all that sharp since his last fight against Pacquiao.  He turned down $750,000 to fight Pacquiao last time, so he'll have to be more realistic on who gets the lion's share of the money.

BT – What are your thoughts on all of that shit that Joel Casamayor was talking about Pacquiao, and then he got a gift decision against Jose Armando Santa Cruz?

FR – When Pacquiao fought Barrera, Casamayor was kissing our ass and being nice to us, and then we read all of that stuff he was talking about us in the newspaper.  We could put Pacquiao in there against Casamayor but who cares?  He's a boring fighter, and there is no interest in that fight.  There is a lot more interest in a fight with Marquez.

BT – Is Juan Diaz out of the equation at this time?

FR – No he's not out, definitely not.  We are just negotiating, and Manny said to get the fight that makes the most sense, and the most money.  It's definitely a possibility that Juan Diaz is next.

BT – But in your opinion Juan Manuel Marquez is definitely the front runner?

FR – I think so yes, with the guarantee's and the PPV numbers, he's bigger than Diaz, Guzman, and Casamayor.

BT – What's the deal with Nike and Manny Pacquiao?

FR – Nike is doing a commercial on training, and they picked their top ten athletes in the world.  Manny was one of the athletes that they picked.  There will be 17 Nike officials at my gym tomorrow, and on Saturday, November 24th I will be closing the gym for  the first time in 12 years for a commercial shoot.  I am only doing this for Pacquiao.

BT -  Peter Manfredo, Jr. fights Jeff Lacy on the Hatton vs Mayweather undercard.  How is Peter looking?

FR – He's doing really well, he's been sparring with Roman Karmazin.  We are just working on getting Peter sharp, he's a very accurate puncher and once he gets his combinations going I think he will do well against Jeff Lacy.  The thing is, if we can just get Peter not to exchange with him, move his head, and box him like he can I think we will be in good shape.

BT – What's the key for Peter to win this fight?

FR – Head movement, and combinations at the right time.  We need to set this guy up a little bit.  The muscle guys fatigue a little bit, so we will move as best as we can.  Peter is not a big mover, we are not going to change him over night, but we are working on it.  Peter has never lost a fight while I was in his corner, so hopefully we can pull off this upset.  I will be with him throughout his camp.

BT – Do you have any closing thoughts, Freddie?

FR – Bobby Pacquiao's fight is coming up against Fernando Trejo at the Morongo Casino, it's his come back fight.  Roman Karmazin will be fighting the ex champion of the world, Garcia, and that's going to be a great fight.  Nike will be filming Manny, and I am glad we are getting that shot.  Maybe I'll get a pair of shoes out of the deal (laughs).


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