Manny Cota slowly building promotional company

By Brad Cooney


Manny Cota slowly building promotional company

Boxingtalk caught up with up-and-coming fight promoter, Manny Cota. Currently, Cota promotes former Contender contestant Miguel Espino, a middleweight prospect. A true gentleman in the sport of boxing, Cota is looking to bring his company, Manny Cota Promotions, to a new level within the next few years.
BT – Tell the fans how boxing became a part of your life.
MC – I started fighting when I was 11 years old. I am from San Diego, California.  I moved to Mexico, and fought as an amateur, and when I turned pro, I suffered a detached retina, and a broken cheekbone.  I left the pro ranks, and started getting into promoting.
BT – What possessed you to get into promoting fights?
MC – It's money, obviously I want to put my family into a better situation.  I figured out some number, and I was wrong (laughs).  I was never able to get sponsored when I was fighting, so I wanted to give people a chance to be promoted, and here I am.
BT – How far are you looking to take your promotion company?
MC – I definitely would like to get to the top. My pro boxing career came up short due to injury, so I would like to bring my promotion company to the top.
BT – Your company currently is working with Miguel Espino, talk about that.
MC – We used to train together a long time ago. I would like to thank John Bray for helping me out with Miguel Espino.  I met him when he was 15 years old, and I saw him fight as an amateur.  I knew he was going to become someone in boxing.  He lost a close controversial fight to Peter Manfredo, Jr. on The Contender Hopefully someone will give us a call about Miguel, and we can make a big fight for him.
BT – What is it about promoting that you find the most challenging?
MC – A lot of people know me in my area, it's challenging when everybody wants to get into the fights for free.  Some people don't understand the business of promoting.  Sometimes I have to reject people, and it doesn't make people too happy.
BT – If you could change something about promoting, what would it be?
MC – We get penalized for not having 26 rounds [on a boxing card], and I would like to do pro/amateur cards as well. I would like if that could be changed.
BT – Your company is on the rise, so what is it about your company that makes people want to fight for you?
MC – I like to match fights fairly. I know how it goes where some promoters match fights unfairly, and I know how it feels to be on the canvas.  I want the trainers to make money, the fighters to make money, and let's all be happy.
BT – I would like to see some promoters match up their young guns a little more competitively, rather than put them up against guys with 2-15 records.
MC – If I was a commissioner, I would not allow a fight like that.  I am an ex-fighter, and I have been on the canvas.  They are putting young fighters in danger, and people who mismatch like that must only care about money, and that's very cold.
BT – Back to Miguel Espino, what's the game-plan for him?
MC – I think we are just one phone call away with Miguel.  I challenge anyone to give us an opportunity.
BT – Miguel is "the undiscovered Contender" -- he flew under the radar.  Ironically, he has won more fights than most of them since the contender series ended.
MC – Alfonso got his shot at Gatti, he did great the other night too. Mora won 19 fights with 4 knockouts?  I think we deserve an opportunity with Miguel.
BT – If you look at Miguel Espino, his motor doesn't get going until the fifth round.  On The Contender, there was only 5 rounds, so he didn't really have an opportunity to really shine at that show.
MC – Well I would like to see him get going around the third round now (laughs).  Yes, he would have stopped Manfredo Jr. if he had a full ten rounds to work with.
BT – Where would you like to see your company in a few years time?
MC – I would like to see my fighters on HBO, or Showtime.  I am going on my fifth year, and I am doing well.  I can't complain, consistency is going to pay off for us.  
BT – How do should fighters get a hold of you if they are interested in being promoted?
MC – They can call me at 818 612 9296 and e-mail me at
BT – Is there anything that you would like to say in closing.
MC – Yes, I did want to say something.  My last event I had only three fights because one kid [Scrappy Ortiz] pulled out.  He has harmed my company, and other companies because of pulling out of fights at the last second.  Scrappy Ortiz and his people have committed to fights, and then they pull out at that last minute.  They don't know the effort and money that we spend on promoting fights.  These people wait until right before the weight in and then stop calling us, and stop returning our calls. They take 50 tickets for their people and friends, and then they pull out of the fights?  I just want to put this out there for the other promotional companies to be careful of this.  They tell us that this kid is sparring with [Robert] Guerrero, and [Manny] Pacquiao, and then his father pulls him out of the fights, so I am putting this out towards his father.  The kid has talent, but I think they are ruining his career.  I want to tell the fans that I want to do my best to put the very best shows on as I can!


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