Manfredo targeting December return

By G. Leon


Manfredo targeting December return

GL: It's been a while since we had you on Boxingtalk. What's the latest and greatest with Peter Manfredo Jr? "I'm just relaxing and getting hungry to get back into the ring. I had some surgery on my arm in August and things are feeling pretty good. I'm not going to be able to use my arm for another couple weeks, but I'm hoping to get a tune up fight in December and then get right back out there in something big early next year.

GL: You had surgery on your arm. Which arm? What part of your arm? Can we have some details?

Peter Manfredo: "I had surgery on my left elbow. I had some bone spurs in my left elbow when I would throw my punch out. When I jabbed it would hit bone to bone. It bothered me for a while, but I fought through it because I knew I could beat guys like Banks and Mueller, with the injury because they're class B fighters. But to win fights against guys like Lacy and Green, I have to be 100%. Since I took some time off during the summer, I decided to get it done while I rested."

GL: When did this injury first occur?

PM: "I felt it when I fought Pemberton. It would be a minor pain and then it would go away, but I guess the bone grew bigger as time went on. During the camp for Spina, it hurt me more than it was hurting me for Pemberton. The last couple of fights, I wouldn't be able to train how I wanted to. I couldn't jab, I could throw hooks and things like that, but after a half round, I couldn't throw it anymore. Like I said I knew I could beat those guys with the bad arm, but I can't beat the top dogs if I'm not 100%. I'm not the greatest fighter in the world, I don't have the class A style. I'm not Floyd Mayweather, so I have to be at 100% to beat the top dogs."

GL: You were on the verge of fighting guys like Lacy and Green. Do you not regret having the surgery sooner, because now it seems like you've taken a step back by having to take a tune up before considering those guys again?

PM: "Everything happens for a reason. It doesn't bother me, I fight to make money and that's the bottom line. In December I'll make a little payday and then right after that we'll look at a big payday with Lacy, so hopefully that goes through because after I beat him I'd be in line for another title shot."

GL: When will you be able to use the arm again?

PM: "I'm going to start training Monday. Obviously I'm not going to spar, but I will do my running and shadowbox and work the double end bag."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

PM: "Expect big things from me in 2008. I'm going to get right back in there in December look for guys like Lacy, get another title shot and hopefully compete in this one."


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