Manfredo speaks on comeback win

By Brad Cooney


Manfredo speaks on comeback win

BC – Nice bounce back win for you in front of your hometown fans, I am guessing it's quite the contrast compared to fighting in Joe Calzaghe's backyard. "Now I know how Joe Calzaghe feels, no place home you know?  I had fun with Muller, I did what I had to do, I got 9 rounds in.  That fight was just what I needed, I haven't went 9 rounds in over 2 years.  It was good to get those rounds in because next time I fight for a title, I will be ready to go rounds if I have to."

BC – What was the thinking behind the scenes fighting so quickly after Joe Calzaghe?

PMJ – Well the thing is, I was in such good shape training for Calzaghe, and they took that fight away from me.  I didn't want all of that work to go to waste, I wanted to get back into the ring as soon as I could.   Jimmy Burchfield was willing to put me on his card as the main event, and I was happy that I got that opportunity.  I am looking at fighting again next month.

BC – Are you planning to fight every month?

PMJ – Cuz, for 20 grand I will fight every month.  I will be one of the richest non world champions in boxing (laughing).  To be honest with you, I just want to stay busy.  I don't want to have to wait 6 months in between fights, I want to work my way back up, and earn the number 1 spot.

BC – How much damage do you think it did to your career, having that fight stopped so quickly against Calzaghe?

PMJ – Well I just want to keep winning, I want Jeff Lacy actually.  I want to keep fighting, and earn my shot again. I know that I can fight with these world champions, I can compete with these guys.

BC – I am guessing that when you get your next title shot, you want it to be here in America?

PMJ – (Laughing) exactly.  If it can happen in the states, the better off it will be.  I was in a taxi cab in Whales, and the driver asked me what I have to do to beat Calzaghe, and I think he got on the phone to his father right after that, it was crazy.  Maybe next title shot will be in Vegas?

BC – What is your relationship with the contender right now?

PMJ – My relationship is great with the contender, they have promised me that they will keep me busy, and they promised me a shot at Jeff Lacy.  I want the best out there, I want to fight everybody.

BC – Do you want (A) Jeff Lacy type guy, or do you want Jeff Lacy himself?

PMJ – Yes, I want Jeff Lacy.  I am targeting Jeff Lacy, he's a big name in the division, and I think I can beat him.  As a matter of fact, I know I can beat him.   Lacy is a guy that I need to beat to get another shot at the title.

BC -   Will Freddie Roach still be your trainer?

PMJ – Freddie is the man, I need someone like Freddie.  Me and my dad just don't work together, because he's my father.  My dad has taken me as far as he can get me, but Freddie's my man, he brings me to the next level.  I talked to Freddie on the phone, and he said that he will come to my next fight if I need him.

BC – Was there anything good that came of your experience against Joe Calzaghe?

PMJ – Just getting the experience that I got.  Being on HBO for the first time, being in front of a huge crowd like that.  The next time I will be a lot more calm.  The guy was going for his 20th title defense, there was NO way they were going to let me go over there and take that from him.  You can only get better, and it made me a better man, and a better fighter.

BC – What happens to you when you walk down the streets of Providence?

PMJ – Cuz, I am like the mayor over here, it feels great.   I love to give back to my community, I treat people the way I want to be treated.  I love this city, and I love the people of Providence.

BC – Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans in closing?

PMJ – I want to tell my fans, thank you, we are back.  Freddie will be here next month, and just keep punching baby!


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