Mama Mayweather Speaks on Son vs. Grandson rivalry

By. Ray O. Campell Jr.


Mama Mayweather Speaks on Son vs. Grandson rivalry

“I feel like my son (Floyd Sr.) should train De La Hoy(a)”

In part one of our exclusive one on one with Floyd Mayweather Sr., he attempted to set record straight on the rumors he caught wind of. Which have been circulating mentioning that his mother, Bernice Mayweather contacted the Golden Boy offices to trying to convince them not to have Oscar fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. because she was worried for her Grandson. As our members recall, Floyd Sr. instantly declined those claims and offered to conference in his mother to prove it. In our initial interview we were unable to get a hold of Mama Mayweather (Floyd Sr.’s mom, Floyd Jr.’s grandmother). We tried again and what a surprise… She answered…Read on she sets the record straight and gives us her take on the entire situation between father and son.

RC: Okay Floyd I am ready, you can call her up, and you talk when she gets on the line

Floyd Mayweather Sr: Okay hold on

(The phone rings, this time Mama (Bernice) Mayweather picks up the phone)

FMSR: Mom, I got a newscaster on the phone, I am sorry man I forgot your name

RC: Hi my name is Ray Campbell and I am from

FMSR: Right, Ray Campbell he is a newscaster.

Bernice Mayweather: Okay

FMSR: He wants to ask you some questions as to what is being said, and I told him “No” and I know it’s “No” that you called up to Top rank

RC: (Cutting in to correct him) Not Top Rank…Golden Boy

FMSR: Sorry, that called up to Golden Boy and said,  and this is what is out now, That you called up to Golden Boy because you didn’t want Oscar to fight little Floyd because you was worried.

Bernice Mayweather: (In a voice that sounds like the culprit is going to get it, sorta like Tyler Perry’s Madea yelling) Who told that lie?

FMSR: (Sorta laughing) I don’t know I am just…

Bernice Mayweather: You know what…. Roger (Obviously she meant to say Floyd)… you know your mother aint never said nothing.

FMSR: I know you aint say that I told him that none of that is true, none of my family called up and said nothing about Little Floyd fighting Oscar.

Bernice Mayweather: No no no no…..

RC: It’s a beautiful thing then Mrs. Mayweather, then we just set the record straight, whoever is believing those rumors, they are going to hear it from the horses mouth right now. (A little shaky at her yelling at me I ask cautiously) Is it okay if I ask you how do you feel about big Floyd training Oscar De La Hoya to…..

Bernice Mayweather: (Cutting in) no no no… you know what? He was his trainer before and I feel like he got a right to train him (Oscar)

RC: (A bit thrown off by the tone) who was his trainer before?

Bernice Mayweather: Floyd (Sr.), he was his

FMSR: (Cutting in trying to talk over his mom) That I was Oscar’s trainer…

Bernice Mayweather: (cutting back in to get her point across) he was his trainer before…. Listen to me real good Sir. He was his trainer before. My grandson (Floyd Jr.) want to fight De La Hoya, so I feel like my son (Floyd Sr.) should train De La Hoy(a). And this is what I said and I am going to tell the news people this… the best man win, and I am telling the truth, the best man win. I don’t have nothing against De La Hoya, because I really do like De La Hoya and you heard it from his mother.

FSMR: She just told you she like De La Hoya, I tell you that, but that’s my mother’s blood so I can understand who’s side my mother is going to be on. I mean that is only common sense.

Bernice Mayweather: and I will leave it this way, yeah he is my grandson, he is my blood but you know what? I am going to leave it like this, the best man win.

RC: And obviously if you are going with your heart you are going with your grandson correct?

Bernice Mayweather: Because he is my grandson, but I like De La Hoya don’t get me wrong. The best man, you’ll leave it like that with what his grandmother said.

RC: Ms. Mayweather, if you don’t mind can I’d just like to ask one more question. Emotionally, how do you feel about this fight?

(Floyd Sr. in the background “That’s her grandbaby”)

Bernice Mayweather: I am going to tell you now, I am telling you from my heart, the best man win. If it be De La Hoya, if it will be my grandson, he win. Who is going to win? I don’t know who is going to win.

FMSR: But what he is saying, what he is saying is that even though you are looking at the fight it is still your grandson. If little Floyd gets hit with some real good shots, it is going to bother you more than it is when Oscar hits little Floyd.

Bernice Mayweather: Right… it is going to bother me more if De La Hoya have him up in the corner beating the mess out of him.

FMSR: So that only comes with common sense that my mother says the best man but that is….

Bernice Mayweather: (Cutting in) and you know what? I really mean that from my heart. I really mean that from my heart.

RC: Thank you, we greatly appreciate that and we all hope that all goes well in this fight. God Willing it will be a great competitive fight, they both make history in this fight,  and that both men live to fight another day and walk out of there safe and unharmed. 

Bernice Mayweather: (in the sweetest Grandma voice) Okay… Bye Bye



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