Malik Scott Ready to Show Pizzazz Tonight

By Darren Nichols


Malik Scott Ready to Show Pizzazz Tonight

" I can do this with my eyes closed because boxing comes so easy to me."

BoxingTalk:   Malik, how was preparation for your fight tonight?

Malik Scott:  It was real good.  I had good sparring partners - 4 or 5 different guys who were trying to take my head off, but I broke them down.  The fun part now comes on today.

BoxingTalk:  Did you and your trainer Joe Goossen try anything new during this training camp?

Malik Scott:  I’m going to be on my toes more, and be able to work both my opponent from the inside and the outside.

BoxingTalk:  You are facing Ramon Hayes tonight, a guy you faced five years ago.  What do you know about him as an opponent, and how will this fight be any different?

Malik Scott:  Ramon is a big, strong guy.  I won by decision last time, but I’m hitting harder then I was five years ago.  As far as it being any different, the only thing I can promise is a victory.

BoxingTalk:  The last time you scored a knockout was over two years ago.  Do you feel that is because of your fighting style or the opponents you have faced?

Malik Scott:  Sometime it was because of the opponents that I faced, and other times it was because of my performance.  However, I haven’t come close to losing a fight.  I know some hot prospects that have been knocked out by C- fighters.

BoxingTalk:  What can we expect to see from you in the ring on tonight?

Malik Scott:  A big man moving around the ring like no other man in the heavyweight division.  You will see me in there with pizzazz.

BoxingTalk:  What would a victory on tonight mean for your career?

Malik Scott:  Another victory and another show under the lights.  Training and sparring is different then fighting under the lights.  To me, this is just another day at the office.  I can do this with my eyes closed because boxing comes so easy to me.  I’m giving these guys fits when I get in the ring with them.

BoxingTalk:  What does the remainder of 2007 have in store for Malik Scott?

Malik Scott:  Like always, more victories.  Whatever my promoter Goossen-Tutor will brings to the table, I’ll take on all comers.




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