Malik Scott Ready for Shufford, Responds to Kevin Johnson

By Darren Nichols


Malik Scott Ready for Shufford, Responds to Kevin Johnson

"I’m training as though this is a world title fight, so I hope Shufford is coming in shape. Kevin Johnson is not even a thought of mine."

BoxingTalk:  Malik, how is preparation going for your May 4th fight against Charles Shufford?

Malik Scott:  Everything is going well.  It has been the best training camp I’ve had so far.  Joe Goossen has done a great job with me, and at 237, I’m coming in much lighter for this fight than when I weighed 250 for my last fight.

BoxingTalk:  Shufford has been in with some big names like Wladimir Klitschko, Jameel McCline, and Lamon Brewster.  Do you feel his previous level of opposition will benefit him in this fight?

Malik Scott:  I doubt it.  None of those guys possess the same skills that I do.  Shufford is a good fighter, but come May 4th, I’m winning impressively.

BoxingTalk:  What do you feel a win against Shufford will do for your career?

Malik Scott:  It will be a good thing.  His name will look good as another victim of mine.  I’m training as though this is a world title fight, so I hope Shufford is coming in shape.

BoxingTalk:  Being the fact that Shufford has not won a fight since 2003, do you feel you that you need to go in there and knock him out to look impressive?

Malik Scott:  No.  All I need to do is put my will and determination on Shufford.  The only thing I have to do is win.

BoxingTalk:  I know you read Kevin Johnson’s most recent interview on BoxingTalk.  What is your response to his comments that he wants a crack at you next?

Malik Scott:  Kevin Johnson is an actor, and he deserves an Oscar nomination.  He contradicted himself throughout the whole interview.  I thought he was a better man than that.   He said I’m trash because I fight trash.  So why does he want to fight me then?  Kevin Johnson is only 14-0 with a draw against Timor Ibragimov, so I don’t even have to think about Kevin Johnson.  I think he’s wrong for calling my name out like that.  He’s trying to sell himself with his mouth, but he’s not even a thought of mine.  Kevin Johnson better go get a rematch with Timor first to get that draw off his record.  I know why he wants to fight me, but to he’s pulling the 50 Cent move of boxing where he’s calling out all these names just to get attention

BoxingTalk:  So who do you want a crack at next after defeating Shufford next Friday?

Malik Scott:  Anybody who is a heavyweight is an enemy of mine.  All of them are my opposition, and any heavyweight who can get me to where I need to go is who I want next, but Kevin Johnson is not one of those guys.


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