Malignaggi speaks on upcoming Edner Cherry fight!

By. Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Malignaggi speaks on upcoming Edner Cherry fight!

“The long awaited return of the “Magic Man” is upon us”

After hearing the news that Lightweight contender Edner Cherry has been solidified as the opponent for Paul Malignaggi’s return bout, called up the “Magic Man” to get his thoughts on the match up “I’m excited about it man I have been really dying to get back into the ring” stated an obviously very happy Malignaggi. The fight, which will be the main event on HBO’s February 17th edition of Boxing after dark, will take place at the Hammerstein ballroom in NYC. Read on as Paulie talks about returning to the ring in front of his hometown, his thought on Cherry, how he feels the fight will play out and much much more.

RC: What’s going on Paulie? Your comeback fight is set for February 17th on HBO boxing after dark against Edner Cherry, give us your thoughts on this bout being finalized?
PM: I’m excited about it man I have been really dying to get back into the ring. I feel healthy and I feel good. Coming off of that performance (Against Cotto), I know a lot of people gave me credit for it but it is time to get back into that “W” column and get the ball rolling again.

RC: What can you tell us about Edner Cherry?
PM: I have seen him fight a few times; I never really paid much attention to him because he was a lightweight. I know he is a tough dude and he comes to fight. I read what he said when he said this is his opportunity and he is going to train real hard for it. He better not misunderstand the fact that he is catching me at a really bad time, he is catching me at a real bad time where I am coming off the first loss of my career and I am a very angry dude right now. My next opponent is the one that is going to get it the worse and unfortunately it’s Edner cherry.

RC: Many feel that despite you having the natural weight advantage over him, he is far from a slouch; He is the type of fighter that is going to come to fight for ALL ten rounds. Explain why a fight like this in your first fight back?
PM: I didn’t want to come back with an easy fight. I am here to prove that I will take on the best and that I will fight anybody. I am here to take on all of the top dogs. My goals are to win a world title, not to just hang around boxing and try to pick up wins on my record and not go for the gusto. I am going for the gusto; boxing is a short window of opportunity, eventually it closes when you get too old. I feel that Edner cherry is one of the best, he is stepping up to the plate and I give him credit for that. But like I said unfortunately for him, he is stepping up to the plate against the wrong dude. He is stepping up to the plate against a very hungry dude who tasted the limelight in his last fight and came up short in a world title fight. I am not stopping until I win a world title, and Edner Cherry is standing in the way of that. 

RC: Not only are you returning on HBO, but also the fight will take place in your hometown of New York, at the Hammerstein ballroom. How excited are you about that?
PM: Ooh fighting in front of the hometown fans is always an exiting thing for me. It will be nice to see how many new fans I have made, and to see how many people are going to come to this fight. I have always had a good following, but I think I made a lot of new fans in the fight with Cotto, I think people realize what Paul Malignaggi is all about, Paul Malignaggi might clown around a lot, but he is all business when it comes down to it. And he puts on a show for everybody, I am pretty excited and I think it is going to be an exciting show that I am going to put on February 17th, the long awaited return of the “Magic man” is going to be upon us soon.

RC: How do you see this fight playing out?
PM: However he wants to do it, he is talking about I better be ready for a war and that he is going to be 101% ready. We can do it however way he wants to do it. If he wants to slug in the middle of the ring, I can slug in the middle of the ring. We can take it on my toes and box; we can do whatever he wants to do. However he wants to bring it to the table we can do, and I will bring it even better. That’s what I do; I proved that I can get in there and bang with the best of them in my last fight. And have always proved that I am a superior boxer. So comes February 17thhowever he wants to get down, we can get down just like that. In the end he is going to come out on the short end of the stick.

RC: Give us your thoughts on the much talked about co feature that would have Ishe Smith and Sechew Powell square off against one another?
PM: I think that is an excellent fight. I think those two guys represent the best of the up and coming Jr. middleweights, and as a Matter of fact, I don’t think there is two better fighters that don’t have a title in that weight class, with the exception of maybe Kassim Ouma. Those guys represent the up and coming of the Jr. middleweight division and it is going to be fun to look at and get it on. Its an exiting fight for the fans, it is an exciting fight for HBO to put on and it just rounds out a really good T.V. card come February 17th, it is going to make the whole night exciting.

RC: Smith and Powell aren’t the best of friends and there will be lots of fireworks before you come out into the ring, do you feel in anyway that you have to come out and represent even more because they are fighting right before you?
PM: I don’t feel any pressure to outdo anybody; everybody is getting their hustle on in this sport. Those two guys are trying to get their hustle on, just like I am trying to get my hustle on. So the better fight they put on, then the better it is for them. I am not going to hate on them, I actually wish those two guys the best, I am cool with both of them and may the better man win that day. I don’t feel any added pressure; I think that both of those guys are going to do their thing. The more exciting they make the fight, the better; eventually I am going to watch it to. I’m actually exited about them getting it on to.

RC: When will you begin training for this fight?
PM: I am in training right now; I just got back from Florida. I was just down there with Buddy (McGirt). I go back right after Christmas and step it up a notch and do the hard part of the camp. Like I said, Cherry said he is preparing hard, but nobody works as hard as Paul Malignaggi and I got the skills to back up all. My work ethic is amongst one of the hardest work ethics in boxing,

RC: Anything else you would like to add?
PM: the long awaited return of the magic man is upon us come February 17th, I know you miss me. You miss the trash talk; you miss the excitement I bring. There is always that buzz around Paul Malignaggi when he steps into the ring. That buzz is going to be multiplied by at least 10-15 times at least once I get back in there. I know people are waiting for me; I have been out for a while so I am just excited that the fans are excited and I am looking forward to putting on a great show.