Malignaggi fires back at Tarver!

By G. Leon


Malignaggi fires back at Tarver!

GL: Antonio Tarver recent had some harsh things to say about you in a recent interview on Boxingtalk. Are you aware of his remarks and if so is there anything you'd like to say in response? "It's usually not my style to talk about guys out of my weight class because it's useless since we can't fight each other. But it's insulting that Antonio Tarver would open his mouth like that when I never said anything about him. He mentioned something about it being two different classes of PPV's and he's right it's two different age classes. That's the biggest difference. Bernard Hopkins could have been fighting each other the dinosaurs were around. They could have been on the co-feature to the T-Rex's. When people want to see Dinosaurs in New York they go to the museum and when it comes to boxing on the east coast people go to the Garden and on June 10 they're going to be at the Garden for Malignaggi vs. Cotto.

"Nobody cares about Bernard Hopkins and Tarver. Hopkins is coming off two losses in a row and he's 41. Tarver made his name at thirty something by beating a past his prime Roy Jones Jr. I don't want to hear Tarver were the same age. Roy Jones trained for 50 fights before he fought Tarver and Tarver was fighting four rounders until he was 30 years old. Roy Jones would have played with Tarver worse than Richard Hall or Glen Kelley if he was in his prime.

"I lost money betting on the guy when he fought Glen Johnson, and once looked like a bitch in between one of the early rounds I knew my money was going down the toilet. Now he's trying to chump me and the Cotto fight? Get out of here! Like I said people can see dinosaurs at musuems or just rent Jurassic Park from your local Blockbuster video.

"If you want to see a real fight on June 10 tune in to Malignaggi-Cotto, we're going to tear the roof off the Garden!"


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