Malignaggi Speaks On Getting Tossed!

By Kirk Lang


Malignaggi Speaks On Getting Tossed!

Junior welterweight Paul Malignaggi was ousted from the Fox Theatre at Foxwoods Casino Friday night following an action-packed bout between Oscar Diaz and Al "Speedy" Gonzales. Just before the decision was announced for Diaz, Malignaggi, who had been talking trash within earshot of Gonzales and his team from his seat a number of rows back from ringside, walked up to the ring to do some trash-talking up close and personal.

However, one of Gonzales' corner men squirted water at Malignaggi. Looking like he had been in a tame wet T-shirt contest, Malignaggi?s blood began to boil and he had to be held back from attacking Gonzales and his crew. The ringside security and state troopers in the arena apparently didn?t notice that Malignaggi had been attacked (with water) first. All they saw was Malignaggi trying to lean over a ringside railing and attack Gonzales. Shortly afterward, a 230-pound state trooper escorted Malignaggi out of the arena while keeping a tight grip on his shirt collar.

As Gonzales was heading back to his dressing room, he said of Malignaggi. "He was talking trash, but he don't want to fight me." caught up with Malignaggi later in the night.

"When security realized I was a boxer, they were pretty cool. At first, they probably thought I was just a crazy fan," he said.

Asked about his dislike of Gonzales, Malignaggi explained that it was Gonzales and his team who first began the bad-mouthing a couple of years ago.

"They were calling me out to try to make a name for themselves," said Malignaggi, adding, "Who is Al 'Speedy' Gonzales' He's a nobody."


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