Malignaggi And Gonzales Still Going At It

By Jose "OnFire" Aguirre


Malignaggi And Gonzales Still Going At It

Team Gonzales recently sent an email to Boxingtalk to let everyone know that Al "SPEEDY" Gonzales is ready to fight Paul "The Magic Man" Malignaggi any time and any place...but it's Malignaggi who's hoping to get the last word. Check out the entire email from Team Gonzales, as well as the immediate response from Malignaggi himself. You don't want to miss it!

Did you really mean to say that Paul Malignaggi is a top prospect?  Team Gonzales would like to take a moment to respond. Perhaps you meant to put him in the most protected category--his most recent fights were against Ramiro Cano, hardly a top prospect and Sandro Casimonica, a complete unknown six round fighter from Italy in a fight that no one saw except for the poor paying customers in Little Rock waiting for Jermaine Taylor to fight the twice previously retired William Joppy. (See a pattern here?) Al "SPEEDY'" Gonzales would welcome the opportunity to fight Malignaggi anytime as we've stated many times. And Paul has stated many times that he'd fight "SPEEDY". Unfortunately something always comes up--like Team Paulie realizing the absolute destruction that would take place of The Magic Man in the ring. Funny enough, all the other young 140 warriors never see Paulie signing to fight them either--guys like Arnaoutis, Holt, Hopkins, Cotto, Urango, Elder, Burton, David Diaz, Bojado and so many others that he claims he wants to fight. I believe the current excuse is something to do with his hands being injured. SPEEDY is fighting Oscar Diaz on February 4th in Connecticut on SHOBOX, we welcome Paulie to make the short trip from New York City to come watch in person. We'll make sure we have a seat for him so there's no hissy fit as reported on when he went to go see Salita fight in NYC and his seat wasn't properly prepared. As always the Team Gonzales offer stands--set up the ring in his promoter's office, in Times Square, in Paulie's living room, anywhere we can make him feel comfortable. If Paulie can keep from tapping out in 90 seconds he'll be declared the winner. SPEEDY is confident that it will take less than 90 seconds for the destruction to be complete--hence the name SPEEDY. Thanks for letting Team Gonzales respond, feel free to print this on your website and we hope to start the 90 second clock sometime in 2005. Happy New Year to all boxing fans.

Paul "The Magic Man" Malignaggi's response:   Al Gonzales and his team are quickly becoming the laughing stock of the junior welterweight division, the only way anyone hears about them is when they are complaining about Paulie "THE MAGIC MAN" Malignaggi.  You rarely see articles about speedy or interviews with speedy and the reason is obvious, no one cares about speedy.  The truth hurts and as much as it kills team Gonzales and as much as they will never admit it, they know that the above statements are 100% true.  You people wanna talk about protected fighters, please, lets look at who Al has fought.  With the exception of Hopkins and Feliciano Al's opponents have a combined record of 96-125-17.  You may say the bottom line is that al fought those guys and I didn't, this is true but the reason I seperated those guys from the rest of his record is that those are the oppononents that Al DIDN'T beat.  The point here is that anyone could have won 16 fights with the opposition that Al has defeated, he has done nothing special, but when he steps up he always comes up short because he sucks, yet another reason that nobody cares about him. So Gonzales has a ShoBox date on Feb 4th, good for him, I hope he wins only because that is the only way to preserve a fight between me and him. I will be out of action until the summer so until then Al and his team are gonna have to get another hobby because I'm out of action. I have one thing to say to Al, beat Diaz on the 4th and keep winning until I get back in, thats the only way you will lock in a fight against "THE MAGIC MAN", and when you do I'LL KICK YOUR ASS SO BAD AND PUT YOU THROUGH SO MUCH PAIN AND EMBARASSMENT YOU'LL HATE YOUR MOTHER FOR BRINGING YOU INTO THIS WORLD. Truly yours,  Paulie "THE MAGIC MAN" Malignaggi


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