Lowry looks to join list of Minnesota headliners

By Cory Rapacz


Lowry looks to join list of Minnesota headliners

In Minnesota boxing circles it is not disputed that Matt Vanda and Anthony Bonsante are the state’s biggest draws.  However, there is a third middleweight in the Gopher State who has quietly built himself a nice career and hopes to add a third name to the list if state headliners:  Troy Lowry.  His big opportunity will come this week when he fights Bonsante in the main event at the Target Center in Minneapolis.  BoxingTalk's Cory Rapacz sat down to talk to Lowry about what may be his final chance to establish himself as one of Minnesota's elite.

BT:   A lot of boxing fans don't know who Troy “TNT” Lowry is.  Why don't you tell us a little about yourself?

Troy:  The Troy Lowry story is one of a hard working guy who has a family, a job and who loves to box.  My priorities are my family first, my job second and my boxing career third.  You know its real tough for me to put in the hours and the time that I want to in the gym.  I think that I'm pretty good and that I work hard enough to do well.  I hope people appreciate that and enjoy watching me fight.

BT:  What does it mean to you to be in the main event on the first show back in Minnesota, and what do you think the new commission means to this state?

Troy:  Being in the main event is awesome!  (laughs)  I don't want to call myself an old guy, but a veteran like me has been around and to be able to jump back in the saddle and be in the main event is really a pleasure.  It's a big step for us to have the commission back.  I think it's going to bring Minnesota back to being a big boxing state which it was way, way back in the day.  Hopefully on this card we all start off on the right foot and reach for the sky.

BT:  Your opponent for this Friday night is Anthony Bonsante from The Contender, Season One fame.  Most fight fans in Minnesota don't give you much of a chance in this fight.  What do you see in Bonsante that makes you believe you will pull off this upset?

Troy:  I think he thinks he's too good.  He comes in hard and doesn’t give people the respect that they deserve.  He just comes right at you.

BT:  He's had a couple of high profile fights on ESPN lately where he has taken a lot of punishment.  Do you think there's any chance that you may have a shot fighter in front of you?

Troy:  No...I don't think he's a shot fighter at all.  He's a very good fighter.  It definitely is going be a very tough fight.  I mean, with the Allan Green fight he was in with a killer [Editor: and a super middleweight].  Green is a killer and he hit Tony with some very good shots, but I don't think he's shot at all.

BT:  You fought Minnesota's other main attraction Matt Vanda in a very closely contested fight a couple of years back.  Do you believe that having experience fighting in an electric hometown atmosphere will give you a psychological advantage over Bonsante, who has actually never proven his drawing power here in Minnesota?

Troy:  Probably not.  I think his people are basically putting on this show.  A lot of people involved with him are the ones putting this on.  I think he will have the advantage because he's from the Contender and everyone will recognize him for that.  Most people will be pulling for him than for me.  I like being the underdog.

BT:  Bonsante and Vanda have already signed contracts and plan on meeting each other in January at the Target Center.....does this announcement give you more motivation to come out and ruin everyone's plans?

Troy:  I never heard of that.  I don't know what that's all about.  I know they always have looked to fight each other, and they didn't do it on this show.  I'm just here to put on a good show and pay for my daughters braces.  (laughs)

BT:  You've recently changed trainers for this fight.  Why the change?

Troy:  I guess Ron Peterson, who I used to be with, was busy working out in Las Vegas and I was basically training on my own.  I just felt I needed someone to work my corner.  I knew Ron Lyke beforehand and I know that he's a great trainer and he was more than willing to help me out.

BT:  This Friday's show at the Target Center is being promoted by Seconds Out Promotions headed by former Minnesota fighter Tony Grygelko.  Can you tell us how it has been working with them and what kind of contributions you expect them to make to the Minnesota boxing community in the years to come?

Troy:  It has been great.  I think they're doing a great job.  The advertisement for this show is great.  They're making sure everyone is attending their radio and paper interviews and internet boxing interviews just like this.  I think they're working real hard to get it out there and they'll do a great job.

BT:  This card features a lot of young talent from Minnesota.  Whose fights are you most excited about seeing on the undercard?

Troy:  John Schmidt is making his pro debut.  He's around me in the gym a lot and we have the same trainers.  I think he's going to be a great prospect coming up.  And of course Allen Litzau.  He's a nice prospect and pretty exciting.

BT:  There are a lot of exciting young middleweights in this state.  In the future will you be willing to give these guys the opportunity to step up and get a fight with TNT?

Troy:  I’m always looking to fight the best and be included with the best in this state.  If they're good I'll fight them.

BT:  It was recently announced that the newly formed Minnesota Boxing Commission has officially sanctioned this bout for the Minnesota Middleweight Championship.  The real one, not that fake piece of trash that some promoter created to try sell tickets.  How does it feel to fight for this real title?

Troy:  I'm super blessed.  I mean I can't ask for anything better.  I fought for a belt a few times and hopefully this one I can take home.

BT:  Alright Troy, thanks for appearing on boxingtalk today.....Send a final message out to your fans and those who may be seeing you for the first time this Friday.

Troy:  Come on out and see the real TNT in action!!!!