Lovemore N'dou Signs with Murad Muhammad

By Darren Nichols


Lovemore N'dou Signs with Murad Muhammad

Junior welterweight contender Lovemore “the Black Panther” N’dou recently spoke with BoxingTalk to inform the boxing world that he has signed a two and a half year deal with Murad Muhammad’s M&M Sports.  “Murad made an offer, and I’m happy with it,” said N’dou.  “I trust and believe what Murad has promised me, and he’s lived up to his word with everything so far.  I can talk to him directly, and if I don’t get a hold of him, he returns my calls.  As a businessman I respect him, and I believe together we’re going to make a great team.”

When asked when we can expect to see him in the ring next, the Black Panther told BoxingTalk that he wants to stay busy while waiting for his chance at the world title, which according to his contract will involve big money and fights on HBO and Showtime, but N’dou made it clear that he could not take a fight until he knew what was going on with the IBF and WBC.  “The last time I took a fight I missed out on their #1 position,” said N’dou.  “I don’t want to be declared unavailable again.”

Since IBF has sanctioned Juan Urango and Ben-Rabbah, N’dou will be looking forward to fighting the winner of that fight, or even the winner of the proposed Junior Witter and DeMarcus Corley fight for WBC title.

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