Lovemore N’dou Finds Himself Closer to the WBC and IBF Title

By Darren Nichols


Lovemore N’dou Finds Himself Closer to the WBC and IBF Title

It looks as though the Black Panther Lovemore N’dou may be getting his chance at the WBC Junior Welterweight Title sooner than he had expected.  The alphabet organization recently elevated the Black Panther to their #3 spot, and since WBC champ Floyd Mayweather is relinquishing his title to fight Zab Judah for the IBF Welterweight Title next month, N’dou finds himself back in the spotlight. 

According to N’dou, when the #1 ranked Junior Witter takes on #2 ranked DerMarcus Corley for the vacant title, the winner will make his first defense against the third seeded Black Panther per WBC rules. 

However, if Witter or Corley find themselves venturing off to other battles that don’t include N’dou, the Black Panther, ranked by fifth by the IBF always has their 140-pound strap to vie for.  The way N’dou sees it, “Should IBF champ Ricky Hatton move up to 147 and fight Carlos Baldomir in May, he should be stripped of his 140-pound title.  Then, I will have to fight #1 ranked Ben Rabah for the IBF vacant title since their #2 spot is vacant, their third ranked Witter is going for the WBC title, and #4 Juan Urango is out with an injury.”

With Corley and Witter already slated to fight in March and April, respectively, N’dou’s best chances for a title lies with the IBF’s #1 ranked Rabah, but as of now no contract for that fight has been offered or signed.

Speaking of contracts, since N’dou was released from his contract with Goossen-Tutor at the tail end of 2005, the Black Panther has had many offers from other promoters, but is still considering their offers, and will wait until he gets his shot at a world title before he signs up with any of them.