Lou DelValle Ready to Take Care of Business

By Darren Nichols


Lou DelValle Ready to Take Care of Business

"You are going to see that the old Lou DelValle is back. My sharpness and my defense will be on point."

Lou "Honey Boy" DelValle (35-5-1) is probably best known by boxing fans for being the first to put the great Roy Jones Jr. down for a mandatory eight count.  Coming off two losses, the 39-year old is now hoping to make 2008 the year we see a return of the Lou DelValle of old.  Boxingtalk spoke with Honey Boy recently to get his thoughts about his upcoming bout, what we can expect to see from him in his fight with Newton Kidd (6-6-1) tomorrow night in The Bronx, New York, and what the rest of 2008 has in store for him.

Boxingtalk:  How did preparation go for your fight against Newton Kidd?

Lou DelValle:  I feel great.  It was as good training camp for me, and I’m ready to take care of business.

BT:  What can we expect to see once the bell rings on Thursday?

Lou DelValle:  You are going to see that the old Lou DelValle is back.  My sharpness and my defense will be on point.

BT:  You have more knockouts than Kidd has fights.  Do you feel your experience will be enough to win this fight?

Lou DelValle:  It has nothing to do with experience, I’m just a better fighter.

BT:  Will you be disappointed if this fight doesn’t end in a knockout victory for you?

Lou DelValle:  No, because I know he’s training for me to get a name under his belt.  He’s training like this is his world title shot.  When opponents are fighting at my level they’re going to get up for me.

BT:  What do you feel this win will do for your career?

Lou DelValle:  It will get 2008 off to a good start.  It will my career going again.  Now that I have a promoter, I know when my fights are coming, and now anyone I fight will be in big trouble.

BT:  Will this be the best Lou DelValle we have yet to see?

Lou DelValle:  No, but it will be a good one.

BT:  What should your fans expect to see in your fight with Kidd on Thursday?

Lou DelValle:  They should expect a good show.  I’m going to show them why I was world champ and why I fought for the title five times.


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