Lou Del Valle Out to Prove He Can Be Champ Again

By Darren Nichols


Lou Del Valle Out to Prove He Can Be Champ Again

First Man to Knock Down Roy Jones Jr. Back in Action on January 31st.

On January 31, 2008, Lou Del Valle, the first fighter to knock down Roy Jones Jr., will step into the ring against Newton Kidd.  Having gone through a turblent '06 and '07, the former WBA 175-pound titlist hopes to prove that '08 will be his year.  Boxingtalk spoke with Del Valle recently to get his thoughts about his upcoming bout, how his training camp went, and why he is going to put the hurt on Kidd when he steps into the ring on the 31st.

Boxingtalk:  Lou, you have a fight coming up in a couple weeks.  How is preparation for your fight going?

Lou Del Valle:  It’s going good.  I got sick with a 24-hour stomach virus recently, but it’s gone and I’m feeling good.  I’m training hard, and I’m getting ready.

BT:  What do you know about your opponent, Newton Kidd?

Lou Del Valle:  I know he’s hungry.  I know he’s trying to change his career around, and get a named win off me.

BT:  What is your strategy coming into this fight on the 31st?

Lou Del Valle:  My strategy is to impose my will on him.  I’ve had some bad breaks over the past couple years, taking some fights at the last minute, but now my life is different and I’m preparing myself properly for this fight.

BT:  What are you doing differently in preparation for this fight that you have not done over the past couple years?

Lou Del Valle:  Training is what I’m doing different.  I’m in the Catskills, sparring with Elvir Muriqi, and getting some tough work in.

BT:  What do you feel this win will do for your career?

Lou Del Valle:  It will jump start it again.  I’m hungry again. My desire is back.

BT:  Once the bell rings on the 31st, how do you see this fight with Kidd playing out?

Lou Del Valle:  I plan on stopping him.  I’m definitely going in there to hurt him, and to inflict my power on him.

BT:  What do feel 2008 has in store for Lou Del Valle?

Lou Del Valle:  Being back with my old promoter, I know he will make all the right moves for me.  I feel I’ll get back where I belong.  I feel I’ll get back on top, and that is to become champ again.

BT:  Having the distinction of being the first to knock down Roy Jones Jr. [in a 1998 loss to Jones], I have to ask what your thoughts are on his fight with Trinidad this weekend?

Lou Del Valle:  I think Roy still has the goods.  I think he’s still fast and hits hard.  I think Tito is going in there for a payday, but I don’t think he has anything left to stop Jones.


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