Lorenzo wants Pavlik: Just Call Me The Ghostbuster

By Socrates Palmer Jr


Lorenzo wants Pavlik: Just Call Me The Ghostbuster

The latest WBC rankings have been posted and Giovanni Lorenzo is the WBC's #1 contender for the middleweight title. As of today, the world champion is Kelly Pavlik-- the man who owns this historic hardware. Lorenzo would like to take Pavlik’s precious crown and says all he asks for is the opportunity. Boxingtalk caught up with the undefeated and very confident 27 year old.

“I respect Pavlik, I think he’s a good fighter and the way he beat Taylor was classic. Now I am just asking him for the same opportunity that he received not too long ago himself. I’m rated number 1 and I don’t know why me and him can’t make this fight happen. I’m 27 and he’ll be 26 we are both young guys and that’s what real fight fans want to see two fighters in their prime,” Lorenzo.
It is common knowledge that Bob Arum and Top Rank have a June 7th date in which Pavlik is set to headline. Lorenzo is lobbying to be the supporting actor who steals the show from the Youngstown native.
Lorenzo currently owns a record of 26-0 with 18 knockouts and his name has been mentioned as a candidate for a shot at “The Ghost” Pavlik. Lorenzo has knocked out 9 of his last 10 opponents. Standing 6 feet tall and having a 75 inch reach, which is equal to that of Pavlik; from a physical standpoint he is more than a worthy adversary. Lorenzo however has heard criticism from boxing pundits who dismiss him as a legitimate threat.
“I know there are these 'experts' who have opinions and that’s fine with me, people will always have their opinions and critics will always critique, that’s their job. I am a fighter and my job is to fight. I fight who my manager and promoter put in front of me. But do you know what is funny to me?  I saw Allan Green fight Sherwin Davis in October and Davis is a guy who I fought at middleweight and knocked him out last summer. In 2005 I fought an undefeated Denis Sharpe and stopped him in one round, no one [else] has done that to him. I beat Chris Henry two years ago and Henry just fought world champion Carlos “El Indio” Quintana. So the way I see things, my record is undefeated and I know I can fight. For those who want to hate, go ahead and hate. Late Saturday night on June 7th you will be on the band wagon trust me but don’t get on too late it may be full,” laughed Lorenzo.
Lorenzo is a native of San Cristobal in the Dominican Republic, however in his career has evolved in front of the eyes of the tri-state area fight fans. On five occasions Lorenzo has been on the supporting cast of an Arturo Gatti headlined fight Atlantic City’s most popular fighter. Lorenzo has been guided under the tutelage of businessman Richard Ryan and attorney Kurt Emhoff. Lorenzo’s co-manager Ryan says that his fighter is ready to grab the brass ring and that he deserves a shot to prove his true mettle.
“People have not seen the best of this kid. Gio is a special fighter who will rise to the occasion. Stars are not born, they are made and this kid is ready to be a star. I mean that is what boxing is all about, a hungry fighter getting the shot to shake up the world,” Ryan. 
Lorenzo was a member of the 2000 Dominican Olympic team in Sydney, Australia. He always keeps his native land close to his heart. Lorenzo says that whether the fight happens in Atlantic City or the Garden it will be a great encounter of two young fighters meeting in their prime.
“I’m in this sport for glory and for my family. I want to take Dominican boxing to the next level. I’ve had the dream of being world champion since I first stepped into a gym. I want my face on a billboard advertising a fight at Madison Square Garden. New York City is the pulse of Latino boxing and nothing gets the Garden going like a Latino in a big fight at the Garden. Pavlik is from nearby Youngstown and I know he will bring a good crowd and I will bring my people,” Lorenzo.


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