Lorenzo looks to harpoon a Shark tonight!

By Socrates Palmer Jr


Lorenzo looks to harpoon a Shark tonight!

Arguably the best professional prize fight taking place on this Friday evening is a junior middleweight encounter between undefeated Giovanni Lorenzo and Archak “The Shark Attack” Ter Meliksetian. Unfortunately this intriguing match up will not be on television. Once again the “Boxing Authority” has put the sweet science on the back burner. Nevertheless, Lorenzo, who is currently 19-0 with 11 wins via knockout, will put his undefeated record on the line when he faces the aforementioned Ter Meliksetian in a scheduled 8 rounder. Lorenzo is looking to the momentum of an impressive stoppage of journeyman Chris “Shaka” Henry on February 16th in New York City.

“This Friday I’m just ready to shut the “Sharks” mouth. I’m excited to be fighting close to home and I’m just ready to go. Its not so much him, but his people have been doing some talking. Also a lot of writers say he’s good, but I’m going to show that I’m better,” said Lorenzo.

Ter Meliksetian by far brings the biggest name and toughest challenge that Lorenzo, has faced so far in his infant career. Ter Meliksetian has a solid record of 15-2 with 12 Knockouts. At one point Ter Meliksetian was considered a blossoming prospect. However the Armenian born “Shark Attack” is coming off a lopsided defeat at the hands of rising junior middleweight Sechew “The Iron Horse” Powell. The Dominican born Lorenzo, now Bronx resident feels that he’s ready for whatever Ter Meliksetian will bring.

“I am very familiar with this guy. I beat him in the amateurs back in 2000. As a matter of fact I knocked him out in the 3rd round of an Olympic qualifying match in Argentina. From what I’ve seen of him he’s the same fighter. He throws a lot of right hands and nothing more,” said Lorenzo.

“Don’t get me wrong I do expect a tough opponent in front of me, and I’m expecting him to be hungry, I know he lost his last fight so he’s coming to win. I know he is going to bring an aggressive style, but that’s what’s going to cost him. If he comes right at me, then that’s when he will make his mistakes and then I’m going to put him out,” said Lorenzo.

Lorenzo was a member of the 2000 Dominican Olympic team which represented the Caribbean nation in Sydney, Australia. Lorenzo competed as a welterweight during these Olympics and finished 8th overall in his weight class. Since turning pro in 2002 he has known nothing but success. This is no surprise to his manager Rich Ryan.

“I feel Giovanni is going to be a world champion and a star in this sport. Honestly he’s Joe Louis. He even looks like Joe Louis facially. He fights like him, his movements its really amazing, he’s almost a mini version of him. His demeanor is all business and he’s just a great kid outside of the ring. Inside of the ring he’s all action. He is part of the new crop of rising stars in boxing. Pretty soon he will be like a Ricardo Mayorga an exciting fighter who people want to see,” stated Ryan.

Ryan is not short on confidence when it comes to what’s next on the horizon for his promising pugilist.

“Vargas and Mosley was an entertaining bout, but Giovanni would knockout anyone of those guys out. It would not go 10 rounds. He’s too vicious; he’s too hungry for those guys. Neither Mosley nor Vargas is what they used to be. I think if you ask anyone in boxing if those two versions of those two fighters would beat this Lorenzo, they would agree with me. Our hook and hope in taking this tough fight against Ter Meliksetian is that someone from HBO or Shotime will go over the bridge or tunnel and come see this fight. Come and watch the future of boxing. An HBO after Dark bout with Sechew Powell would be great,” said Ryan.

“I feel personally Giovanni would walk through Powell,” said Ryan.

However before any possible dates can go from speculation to reality the 25 year old Lorenzo has to get by Ter Meliksetian. If Lorenzo can defeat “The Shark Attack” in a more striking fashion than Powell did, it will only make a possible summer date a very attractive match up for any major network.

“I know that Friday night will dictate my immediate future. I am not looking past anyone. I leave match making to my manager. I worry about fighting. I’ll fight anyone any where. I’ll fight him (Powell) or anyone in their own house. I don’t care. I’m focused on Friday night. I win then everything else will fall into place,” said Lorenzo.

“I really don’t watch tape on my opponents. All I know is that he is tall and looks in good shape. I leave that up to my trainer. He watches video and comes up with a game plan. Although in the ring a lot of what I do is improvisation. I know him well and I know what I have to do to defeat him. I feel I am going to win and win easily. I wan to knock him out but I won’t be head hunting or chasing after the knockout. If the knockout comes it comes,” said Lorenzo.

“I’m here in the U.S. to carry my country and my flag high. My dream is to be a world champion. The other day I sat at home and watched how the D.R. whipped Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic tourney and the way people had their flags out going crazy, man that gave me goose bumps. I want to bring that same fervor to one of my bouts,” said Lorenzo.

Boxing talk would like to thank Giovanni Lorenzo and advisors Rich Ryan and Kurt Emhoff for their time and cooperation in making this interview possible.

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