Liakhovich would fight Briggs if the money is right, but still wants Klitschko fight MOST!

By G. Leon


Liakhovich would fight Briggs if the money is right, but still wants Klitschko fight MOST!

GL: There's been a lot of talk in the last day or so about Don King signing Shannon Briggs and looking to match Briggs against you, possibly on November 4 on Showtime. What can you tell us about this and what are your thoughts on the possibility of fighting Briggs? "Talk is talk and I don't know about Briggs, the one fight I want is Klitschko. But if my promoter does the right thing we will think about it because we will fight anybody, but for now the one fight we want is Klitschko."

GL: When you say you want to see if your promoter does the right thing, does that mean you want to see how much he's willing to pay you to fight Briggs?

Sergei Liakhovich: "Absolutely."

GL: As far as you know why haven't the talks for a Wladimir Klitschko fight progressed?

SI: "I don't know what's going on but my manager talks with everyone, he talks with Don and Shelly and this is just something that these guys need to figure out. I'm ready to fight in November and I want to fight Klitschko more than anything."

GL: What do you think about Shannon Briggs as a fighter and how do you feel about your chances in that fight?

SI: "He's just a big strong guy and he has pretty good speed and heavy hands, I think it would be a good fight but I don't think this guy could beat me. But if you fight a hard puncher like a Briggs you always take a chance, but I will not give him a chance, believe me."

GL: How would you overcome Klitschko's physical advantages over you?

SI: "Boxing is not always about who is stronger, it's about who is smarter. I saw many fights from Wladimir Klitschko and I don't take away from him anything, but I know what needs to be done to beat him this guy and I know how to beat this guy."

GL: Ivaylo, can you tell us where the Briggs negotiations stand and when can we expect a formal update regarding Sergei's next fight?

Ivaylo Gotzev: "All I've heard so far is that Don has signed Briggs. There hasn't been a particular offer made for the champion. I'm happy that Don signed the challenger, now he has to go to work and negotiate a real good deal for his champion. He needs to get behind his desk figure out what he's going to do and what kind of money he's going to offer. But at the same time I know more about the Klitschko deal and that deal can be made. It can be made, C-A-N. Shelly Finkel and Klitschko want the fight, HBO wants the fight and you heard it from the champ himself, Sergei Liakhovich loves the fight. There's one thing standing in the way of that fight and that's Don King. So he needs to do what's best for his champion that's what he needs to do."

GL: Financially speaking what do you think is best for his champion?

IG: "Obviously Klitschko is a bigger fight and it's basically a unification bout. This is what people have been talking about for a long time and it's a higher profile fight so naturally it would lead to more money. Let the unfication process begin and the winner would have no problem facing Briggs in their next fight. Briggs is a terrific opponent and I think Larry Merchant made some statements that were overboard. Briggs is athletic, he's a big puncher with fast hands and he's on a winning streak. What more can you want from a heavyweight? He could give anybody trouble. After the unification takes place, Shannon Briggs would be able to make himself some real money."

GL: When do you plan on having an update Ivaylo?

IG: "As soon as Don King picks up his phone. I've been calling him since yesterday and I believe that he's doing some business and he's always very prompt with returning calls so I expect to hear back from him sometime soon."

GL: Sergei, would you consider the winner of a fight between you and Klitschko the true heavyweight champion of the world?

SL: "Absolutely. This fight needs to happen and Klitschko and me want to fight and he has forty something fights and he's fought the best out there and I become champion beating the man who beat Klitachko, Lamon Brewster. I'm here, I want to make fight now I want my promoter to believe in this fight because I know I beat Klitschko. Klitschko said I'm scared to make the fight, but that's bullshit, I'm waiting for this fight to happen, we have to see what my promoter wants to do."


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