Liakhovich-Briggs presser quotes


Liakhovich-Briggs presser quotes

PRESS RELEASE: Shannon Briggs: "Liakhovich is the best heavyweight champion out there. I was a guest analyst on ESPN before Sergei fought Brewster and I picked Liakhovich to win.  I know what I am up against. There couldn't have been a better time for me to fight for a heavyweight championship. It's my time. I'm a late bloomer. I'm older, I'm stronger, wiser and more focused."

"He (Liakhovich) looks great in his black suit. They're going to have to
bury him in it in Phoenix when I am done with him."

"My mom and I lived in the A-train shelter in Brooklyn. I come from nothing. This sport has given me everything."

"Shelly Finkel is a scum bag. He used me and my name for what he is doing down at the Garden (the Klitschko fight). He knew I was a New York fighter. He had me waiting at home for the contract, said it was done, but it never came. He was bullshitting me. Guys like Shelly Finkel are the ones putting boxing on the back burner behind the NFL, NBA and other sports."

"I am going to bring the belt back to Brooklyn, back to Brownsville. I wanted to fight for the title in New York.  Unfortunately, this is going to Phoenix.  I am much more experienced now and much more hungry.  I am standing right next to him (Liakhovich) and I'm pissed off.  My blood is boiling.  No, I'm not going to turn this into a brawl.  I will wait until November 4. "

Sergei Liakhovich:

"This is a dream come true for me"

"I've become a better fighter since beating Brewster.  I don't really like talking about myself.  I let the media do that."

"I'm a boxer - puncher, that's my style."

"November 4 everyone will see a much better boxer, a new Sergei Liakhovich."

"He's (Briggs) a good fighter, a strong fighter.  He's got good hand speed  and a good right.  But if he tries to knock me out he will be in trouble."

"This guy says he will take the title from me.  We'll see.  I fought hard for this title, and it's just not going to happen."

"My English may not be very good, but I do know a language that everyone understands, and that is the language of boxing."

Kenny Weldon (Liakhovich's Trainer):

(In reference to Briggs saying he would knock Liakhovich out) "Don't hold your breath"

"Sergei doesn't get scared.  Sergei is a gentleman and a fighter.  Let's see who wins the fight? My guy will be ready and he doesn't need to run off at the mouth."

Don King:

"This is just about the facts and the fact's are that Sergei Liakhovich is  the top world champion in boxing today. He beat Brewster and Brewster knocked out Klitschko, so you can't say you are the best until you face the best."